Linking Business and Social Media Goals With The History Channel.

How History Channel link their business imperatives with social goals and objectives.
Jan McQuillan
November 26, 2015 - 1 min. read


Social fans


Audience aged 18-35




The History Channel Latin America has a clear focus: Making history relevant for their audiences throughout Brazil, the Caribbean, and all Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America. Their TV series and movies, which include programs such as Pawn Stars, Pickers, and The Profit, are aired in millions of homes, and they know their audience and social communities very well.

A&E Latin America’s social teams face a number of challenges when it comes to creating content that is engaging and on-brand. Their teams are spread across three countries: Brazil, Argentina and USA, which means that their social tone of voice needs to be well documented and closely adhered to in two languages, in order for content to stay on-brand.

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