Measuring Social ROI With Fame House.

We caught up with Frank Litjens, Senior Digital Director at Fame House, to discuss how he tackles the challenge of measuring and communicating social ROI.

Jan McQuillan
Jan McQuillan
October 16, 2014 - 3 min. read




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Background: Frank & Fame House

Fame House is a digital marketing agency catering for the music and entertainment industry. Based across Philadelphia, San Francisco, Los Angeles and recently Amsterdam, they’re a team of over 100 experts supporting artists such as Eminem and Amanda Palmer in building online campaigns to build and engage fans and increase revenue for their clients.


[Frank Litjens, far left, accompanied by images of Fame House clients and projects]

Frank is relatively new to Fame House, having moved from his role as Head of Digital with ID&T. When both ID&T and Fame House were acquired by SFX, and given Frank’s 10+ years of previous agency experience of running a leading digital agency, he was the natural choice to head up the digital function of Fame House’s first Europe office. During his early days at Fame House there was talk of investing in a social media management tool, and Frank put our platform forward having already trialled us at ID&T.

“I was already impressed with the tool back in 2012, but unfortunately at that time I didn’t have the budget to invest. When I joined Fame House, we were considering different suppliers, and I recommended Falcon. It came out on top.”

Frank Litjens Senior Digital Director, Fame House

Challenge: measuring metrics that matter

Frank is a data specialist, and at Fame House there are a lot of numbers. In total the agency manages over 320 channels across 5 social networks. To support this, there are 110 staff members using Falcon to collaborate on content, assign work, engage with customers, and listen in to what people are saying about their clients’ brands. Frank needs to prove that their social media efforts produce direct results, whether related to ticket sales or other business objectives.

“Accurately measuring social ROI is my biggest challenge. We’re working towards a best case scenario where we can track the conversion rate of each post on social media. For me, it’s the holy grail.”

Frank Litjens Senior Digital Director, Fame House

Results: creating a social intelligence tool

Frank has found a solution to allow him to map trends in Fame House’s social media channels against revenue. He’s created a social media dashboard that draws data from Fame House’s social media channels, website and ticket sales. The data is then normalized and graphs are created. Frank can therefore map social media activities against website visits, newsletter opt-ins, and ticket sales.

Frank has observed that combined efforts, making use of each of the different channels’ strongest features, add up to a better performing sales curve. The team can see the best performing channels in an individual as well as a combined view, so for follow-up or similar campaigns they can pinpoint which channels to focus on and where to invest resources.

The dashboard Frank has created also includes predictive algorithms so the team can identify sales trends early on, and work out whether action needs to be taken to boost sales.

Next steps:  better together

Frank realizes that it takes more than just one person to drive social and report on its value for a business. Fame House has 110 of its employees using Falcon on a daily basis, from publishing, listening and social engagement, to measuring results and presenting to clients.

“Our graphs can be customized to tell different stories around different areas the teams are working, which makes the data easy to export and meaningful.”

We’re working with Frank on achieving his vision for Fame House, enhancing his ongoing business intelligence work, and helping him present the value of social media internally.

“When we were considering a social media management tool, we wanted more than just a ‘vendor-customer’ relationship. We were looking for a product that added real value to our business, and was more of a partnership. We found that in Falcon, and we’re looking forward to the journey.”

Understanding Social Media ROI

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