Getting Fresh Perspective on Social Strategy.

Many companies are giving thought to a mid-year review and optimization of their social plan. The Premium team met with the team from the collaboration service, Podio, for a workshop on Podio's social strategy.

Mary Liebowitz
June 17, 2014 - 2 min. read


When we launched Premium last month, we needed a way to announce that we would be offering in-depth help for the customers that wanted extra consultation services.

While our Customer Success program provides an incredibly thorough support relationship from the first point of contact, we’ve found that some Falcon users are looking for additional assistance with strategy and KPIs to optimize their team’s use of the platform.

A Twitter contest

We held a contest on Twitter to gather contestants for a Premium launch workshop giveaway, and our Head of Customer Strategy, Helle Tyllesen, pulled Hélène Hagnéré’s name from a bowl. Hélène is on the User Engagement team at Podio, and she introduced us to Podio’s Marketing team and their Creative Lead, Aaron Bateman. Due to Podio’s massive growth (Podio is now a part of Citrix), Aaron was looking to revise their approach and update their social strategy.

Podio, a collaborative workspace, is so highly regarded by its users, but Aaron wanted to ensure they were presenting themselves well to a less-familiar audience.

Strategy workshop

In a 4-hour workshop, Helle Tyllesen and Maija Paloheimo from the Customer Success team met with Aaron, Michael, Oliver, Julia and Jon from Podio’s marketing team and discussed goals, audience, channels, and strategy. They worked together to explore the different angles of their social approach and gain a common understanding of where they’d like to focus, and how they could best present Podio on social channels.


Helle guided the Podio team through different discovery exercises while drawing on the team’s communicative strength to shape strategy ideas, and sharing her observations and suggestions.

Strengthening tactics

Premium works well for organizations that are completely new to social and looking for direction. For established companies like Podio with an existing social presence, Premium is fantastic for reviewing current processes and getting a new perspective on groupthink and the social management processes in place.

What we like about the Podio team is their straightforward approach. They spoke frankly and honestly, and weren’t afraid to look at themselves and how they work together. They were open to reviewing their current practices and asking each other questions. They built a product to facilitate collaboration, and are great at collaborating themselves.

The outcome of the workshop was a fresh perspective on the status of Podio’s social media activity. The exercises shed new light on where Podio should focus their energy and which parts of their strategy needed to be updated to align with the business today.

We’re confident that they will give careful and deliberate thought to their social strategy direction, and deliver engaging and authentic content to their networks. It was a very positive experience to give their strategy a health check and see how they work together as a team.


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