Content Curation - What, Why and How?

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Josefine Forsgren
April 2, 2016 - 3 min. read

Another much-loved buzzword for social media experts is the phrase “content curation.” Pretentious though it might sound, the concepts behind content curation are actually quite valuable for your social media strategy.

What is content curation?

Put simply, content curation is the process of collecting and sharing useful, relevant articles, data and images. Curated content can be reworked to create new posts for your company blog — or simply re-shared on your social channels.

It is important to note that content curation does not involve creating new assets. Instead the curator compiles and re-shares content that is of interest and value to her audience. Social media content curation adds value by carefully organizing content to emphasize value for followers.

Why bother with content creation?

So how does collecting and republishing content from a range of sources — including assets created by people completely unrelated to your business?

A good way to keep your social streams flowing

For social media marketers content curation is a great way to keep their social accounts regularly updated with the sort of content that their followers are interested in. Regular, consistent posts are vital for keeping your followers engaged, and curating and sharing content is a great way to keep that information flowing.

A good way to lower content creation costs

Great quality content can be reused time and again, providing much of the value behind a content marketing program. But high quality content can be expensive — and time consuming for your team to create.

Curating and publishing great content from other sources is a good way to maintain the overall quality of your feeds at far lower cost than creating your own assets. In between sharing your own assets of course!

A good way to demonstrate your knowledge of the industry

When done well, curation shows that your business understands the issues affecting your customers. It also indicates that you have invested the time and effort to share only the best content with them.

And if you share only the best, most useful content, your followers will have all the information they need in one place. Which keeps them more engaged with your brand — and more likely to convert into a paying customer at some point in the future.

How to start curating content?

In order to share high quality content, you first need to find it. Social platforms like Facebook and Twitter are excellent resources for curation, but you will need to be able to cut through the noise and lower quality resources.

This is where content curation tools come to the rescue. Using a social media management platform like Falcon you can search multiple social networks and tag useful content for sharing at a later time.

Throughout the day your colleagues will read hundreds of blog articles and news reports, many of which will be of interest to your customer too. A multi-user content curation tool allows your whole team to get involved with the curation process, submitting content to a central repository for approval, and scheduling.

A content curation tool will also help to schedule sharing, spreading publication across the day to provide a steady stream of content for your followers. And by collecting plenty of content in advance, you free up time to be used on other social media marketing activities.

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