Social media platforms are an integral part of many people’s day-to-day lives — nearly 20% of the world’s total population use Facebook every month for instance. So what better place to connect with individuals when looking to recruit new employees?

What is social recruiting?
At the most basic level, social media recruiting is the use of social platforms to identify potential recruits to fill open positions within your business. Because individuals record so many details of their professional experiences online, social platforms can be used like an enormous, unstructured talent database.

How does social recruiting work?
A social recruiting strategy has two main objectives.

First is the use of social platforms to advertise open positions. Effective advertising relies on posting updates where they are most likely to be seen by suitable candidates — which relies on having a good understanding of where to find those people. Obviously this may well involve the use of paid ads to further improve the degree of targeting.

Second, your social media recruiting strategy will involve actively looking for, and connecting directly with, individuals who have the necessary skills and experience for any open positions at your company. 

Social media recruiting pitfalls
Some social platforms are better suited to social recruiting than others. As a network targeted directly at professionals, LinkedIn is a favourite with recruiters — particularly as registered users tend to keep profiles updated with a complete employment history and list of skills and experience.

Other platforms are not as useful for social recruitment, however. As an image-driven, consumer-first platform, Instagram is much less likely to help you identify suitable candidates. So, unless you’re recruiting photographers, your resources might be better spent elsewhere.

What are the benefits of social recruiting?
Social recruiting helps to significantly increase the reach of your business as it searches for suitable candidates. With access to over a quarter of the world’s population, social media allows you to connect with the brightest and best potential new hires.

Social recruiting can also help to reduce much of the legwork associated with vetting candidates, lowering the cost of employing new staff. Even to the point that you may be able to rely less on recruitment agents, cutting out the middleman, and improving the hiring experience for you and your candidates.

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