July 13th, 2016

We surveyed 621 marketing pros about how they’re using social to drive outstanding customer experience – and ultimately win more brand advocates and loyal customers.

We found that while 78% acknowledge the importance of CX, only 22% truly excel at tackling it. We call this group Best-in-Class Marketers, and it comes down to simply working smarter.

The Falcon.io Customer Experience Trends Report lays it all out:

  • Unlocking the CX potential in social media
  • Avoiding the common CX challenges
  • Understanding your customers better
  • What Best-in-Class marketers are doing that you’re not

These are in-depth insights gathered from real marketers, all tackling the toughest, yet most opportunity packed development in modern social media marketing. We learned a lot from this exercise, and we know you will too.

Now’s your chance to be inspired by fellow marketers and first-movers. Click below to download your copy.

Customer Experience Trends Report.

How 600+ marketers from around the globe are tackling CX and social in 2016.


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