From 13 to 93: Building an International Team.

Find out why it’s a good time to be a Falconeer.
Ulrik Bo Larsen
October 25, 2013 - 2 min. read








In the past 6 months we have added a bunch of talented folks to our team and we have won two awards—the Red Herring Top 100 Europe Award for being the most promising private technology venture from the European business region and the White Bull “Bully” Award for demonstrating excellence in innovation and growth potential.

We are honored to receive these accolades, but we know the journey is just beginning. We have ambitious goals and we’re determined, maybe more than ever before, to bring the Falcon Social platform to an international audience. From growing our team to refining our product, we’re well on our way.

Since January of this year we have added 80 full-time employees—from 13 to 93—to broaden our knowledge base and create a more complete product offering. More importantly, with over 25 nationalities represented internally, these new hires will help increase the international appeal of our product and workplace culture.

Sales, marketing & research and development

Recently we’ve been able to scale our sales and marketing departments to further our relationships with enterprise teams and brand marketers; these departments make up nearly 50% of our current employee positions. Research and development represents a little more than 20% of our team, but their collective engineering background is littered with successful projects and industry awards. I can honestly say that the focus and commitment of our R&D department is second to none, and one of the main reasons we’re able to deliver innovative solutions every sprint.

Customer success

Our customer success team, which has also grown considerably in recent months, is constantly asked to deliver experiences that go above and beyond. And they do it seven days a week.

We want to ensure that customers are engaged and getting the most out of our platform. Our customer success team is dedicated to helping enterprise teams achieve their goals and benefit from their social media interactions.

Business development

Another key component to our international success is our young, dynamic business development team. With team members from ten different countries we now have a bunch of bright, energetic leaders to generate new opportunities and sustain forward momentum.

Every day this team is responsible for reaching out to potential customers to demonstrate how the Falcon Platform can help develop social business opportunities and strengthen corporate communications.


With our sights set on international expansion we are still actively recruiting world-class talent for all teams. I feel very strongly that our growth, both in headcount and talent, is a positive indication of the opportunities that lie ahead. The social media ecosystem is constantly shifting and we take great pride in building a platform that contributes measurable business value while reducing noise and fragmentation.

Of course it always helps to be recognized for our efforts. Thanks Gartner!