Falcon.io’s New Advertise Product Earns Ad Tech Badges From Facebook.

Our new product Advertise is a genuine game-changer – it has only just been launched, and it has already earned Facebook and Instagram Ad Tech badges. Discover why Advertise is precisely what social media advertisers have been asking for.
Mikael Lemberg
December 3, 2018 - 4 min. read

The addition of Advertise to Falcon.io’s SaaS platform makes it easier than ever for organizations to manage social media advertising at scale. The new product has already earned Falcon.io coveted Ad Tech Speciality badges from the Facebook and Instagram Marketing Partners Programs.

Here, Mikael Lemberg, Director of Product Ecosystem at Falcon.io, deep-dives into Advertise’s exciting new functionalities.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, you know that advertising has become critical for any company wishing to succeed on social media. The challenge is that just as social media advertising has grown in importance, so too has the complexity of the organizations employing it. If you work at a larger company, chances are you know the struggle of managing your paid social media activities across multiple departments, channels, and markets.

For many, this has led to ever more complex spreadsheets and even longer email threads. And let’s face it: while spreadsheets are great for numbers and lists, they definitely don’t spark creativity or draw you closer to your audience.

At Falcon.io, we believe there’s a better way to manage social media advertising. We’re dedicated to developing new ways to save time and budget while improving collaboration, content quality, and ROI.

Today marks a milestone in that journey with the launch of Advertise.

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Falcon.io CEO Ulrik Bo Larsen first announced the new addition at the recent Spark social media conference.

Take your social media advertising to the next level

Advertise is a beautifully simple and fully-rounded social media advertising product. It enables companies to create, manage, measure and automate all their paid activities on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger using real-time data, advanced filters and smart automation.

To top that off: thanks to Advertise’s new capabilities, we have been officially badged as specialized Ad Technology solution providers in the Facebook and Instagram Marketing Partner Programs.

This makes us one of only four companies in the world that are certified for both Ad Tech and Community Management on Facebook and Instagram. We couldn’t be happier to add this to our key partnership milestones, the history of which you can see below:

Here’s what makes Advertise different to anything else you know…

Real-time data in the blink of an eye

If there’s one thing we are certain of, it’s that it’s never fun to sit and wait for loading bars and outdated numbers. This is why one of our main priorities in the development of Advertise was to create an ads management interface that is faster than anything you’ve ever tried before.

You will notice this immediately when you first enter Advertise. The interface loads instantly with each number delivered in real-time from Facebook APIs to your screen in a matter of nanoseconds.


See how smooth and simple using the Falcon platform (on the right) is vs Facebook Ads Manager.

In fact, we’ve benchmarked Advertise against the native Facebook Ads Manager and found that even when solving mundane everyday tasks, Falcon reduces your waiting time by half. For organizations where ads management tasks can chew up hours every week, this is a very tangible time- and cost-saver.

Even more valuable and exciting is the type of insights you can extract from the data. Advertise integrates Falcon’s advanced label system. This means you can clearly label all your campaigns and ad sets, then use these labels to slice and dice your data exactly according to your needs.

For example, want to know the average cost per click for every ad promoting a specific product across all your campaigns? Getting the answer has never been so fast or easy.

Automated promotions

Advertise’s label management serves another vital purpose. By connecting labels to ad sets, you can wire the system to automatically promote every published post with the most appropriate ads strategy. This allows your ads specialists to focus on building great campaigns with razor-sharp targeting.

At the same time, your creative team can use their knowledge of your audience to craft relevant, impactful content that improves your conversion rates. The Falcon platform is designed to seamlessly connect all these workflows, so you can save time while creating better-performing ads.

We have also increased the capabilities of Falcon’s campaign brief functionality, making it even more useful for larger organizations with multiple brands in diverse markets. The in-app Campaign Planner is where your teams can meet and collaborate virtually and easily align on the strategy, status, content and KPIs.

On a similar note, Advertise allows a project manager to preconfigure ads and their associated strategies for each to ensure a streamlined and consistent campaign rollout, even when the booking is done locally.

As with the other products in the Falcon platform, Advertise features built-in enterprise-level governance features. The project administrator can assign clear roles and access levels to each team member, so only authorized people can modify and approve what’s going out. You can even add an extra approval step to ensure that all your paid content is on brand and of the highest standard.

Want to see it in action?

We started onboarding the first customers to Advertise in November, and we’re absolutely stunned by the positive feedback we’ve received so far. We believe we’re setting new standards for how software can support the workflows of modern marketing organizations. As we continue to roll out Advertise to our remaining customer base, we are excited to show you what we’ve built.

Want to see for yourself? You are always welcome to get in touch and request a demo.