Bikes are Happiness.

It’s a Copenhagen thing. But our New York office is starting to get it too.
Chris Sugrue
March 26, 2015 - 2 min. read

Here’s a surprising stat for you, 0% of our Copenhagen staff drive to work. That’s right, zero.

Instead, 29% take advantage of Copenhagen’s public transport system while an über cool 6% live in walking distance to our central city office. The remaining 65% of us mount up each morning and take to the bike lanes. And we feel better for it. It’s a brisk but soothing way to get to work without traffic jam angst or public transport huddling.

It’s also a refreshing change for most of the more than 60% of Falconeers that don’t hail from Denmark—which is why we have the rather unorthodox brand character of ‘Bikes are Happiness’.

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Copenhagen: because we can
That this is even possible is thanks to the bike lanes that hug almost every main road in Copenhagen. These are a product of the sixties and seventies, when the city made a conscious choice to veer off the car-centric highway to hell it was on. The other cities around the world trying to coax people off their congested highways can only lament their lack of foresight.

New York: shifting gear in Williamsburg
It’s of course not quite that easy for our New York Falconeers.  With few bike lanes the Big Apple’s cycling commuters brave a gauntlet of car doors anywhere they go. Then there is the not so small matter of New York being umpteen times larger than Copenhagen.  But times are changing, with our office soon moving from hectic Manhattan to trendy Williamsburg.


It’s a move that is putting at least one NYC Falconeer in the commuter saddle. Social Media Manager Caroline Henley is relishing the chance to bring our New York stats a little more in line with Copenhagen.

“I’d heard about the bikes, but I didn’t really understand the bike situation in Denmark.” she says, recounting her recent visit to the Copenhagen office. But thanks to the new Williamsburg office she now has her chance to.

“I was always too scared to bike in Manhattan where I’d always associated it with extreme sports and that one guy everyone hates who gets on the subway by pushing back the crowds with his fixie.”

“But with our new office in Brooklyn, I’ll be able to bike to and from work—I’m really looking forward to that,” Caroline says.

So, thanks to our new location the NYC office can count at least one converted cyclist. Our rapidly growing US staff and client base aside, it seems Falcon Social really is conquering North America one small victory at a time.

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