By Mary Liebowitz

January 21st, 2014

I’ve lived in Denmark for several years and have a real appreciation for the simple approach Scandinavians take to form and function. Working at the Falcon Social headquarters in Copenhagen, I see it daily.

The Scandinavian approach is that things should be as uncluttered as possible to allow the natural beauty to shine through. The Danes, Swedes and Norwegians I know have an ability to enjoy simple pleasures like nothing I’ve ever experienced, finding equal comfort in the combination of a cup of tea, a candle, and a good book, or in the sturdiness of a well-made umbrella. Don’t get me wrong – it’s not a region full of people who just wander around marvelling at things, but they really can appreciate good, useful design when they encounter it.


The world was introduced to Scandinavian design in the 1950’s, mainly through the work of architects and furniture designers who toyed with a balance between minimalism and functionality. Today, the design world continues to favor this style, with an appreciation for clean lines and attractive practicality.

Falcon Social’s approach towards user experience incorporates clean design. When creating a social media platform, it’s my belief that UX is key to highlight a platform’s real technical capabilities. Once someone has tried the Falcon platform and are pleased by its simplicity, they see that it’s something they can work with every day. What they may not realize is that clean design is something we adhere to as a company, and this Scandinavian perspective is something that makes us proud.

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