From Copenhagen to Austin.

This March, Falcon will be sending 5 team members to Austin to experience South by Southwest - SXSW, and say hello to many of our US contacts.
Mary Liebowitz
February 4, 2014 - 2 min. read

Five of our team members are going to Austin to experience South by Southwest – SXSW, and say hello to many of our US contacts.

We’ll be following their progress through our social channels, but please stop them to say hi or send them a tweet! I asked them what they were looking forward to, and what they hoped to get out of the trip – and here’s what they said:

Mads Hensel, Head of design, @madshensel

As a first time attendee at SXSW, I’m told that I’ll get blasted by a huge amount of creative input, so I’ll be bringing my camera, and the big notebook. With all the talented people attending, I look forward to some interesting conversations. My schedule is mostly about Design & Development, but I’ll add some wildcards in there – inspiration doesn’t always come in the form you expect.

Ronja Gustavsson, Head of marketing, @ronnja

I’m excited to be going to the biggest hub for emerging entrepreneurs and investment. I’m so looking forward to going to a broad range of events, and ditching my colleagues to meet new contacts and have fun! No stone will be left unturned to find peers to have productive conversations with and identify new partnerships and business possibilities. If you’d like to meet up, send me an email, tweet @ronnja, or sing me a song. I’ll sing back.

May Laursen, Inbound marketing specialist, @maylaursen

I’m excited about all of the events that I want to go to, and starting to feel like 24 hours in a day just isn’t enough. Wondering whether I can get one of those Harry Potter Time-Turners on eBay.

Dennis Green-Lieber, Head of technology, @dennislieber

I’m looking forward to the vibe of the massive group of creative, smart and innovative minds – it’s a impressive setup that SXSW delivers every year, and I’m just happy to be going.

Ulrik Bo Larsen, CEO & Founder, @silentcrooner

SXSW is in international festival of creativity, thought leadership and capital within all things digital. We’ve built many key relationships during the event in the past, and I’m excited that we’re back to strengthen those and strike up new partnerships among all the people headed to Austin. Rock ‘n’ Roll!

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