Six Reasons Companies
Choose Falcon.

With a hot mess of tools around, it can be hard to choose the perfect one to manage customer experience. We make it simple.
Jan McQuillan
May 27, 2016 - 3 min. read

We asked some of our customers to share the reasons why they chose Falcon. Here are the top six responses they gave:

#1 – We can easily discover new customers
Our customers use Falcon not only to connect with existing fans, but to discover potential customers and chatter around their brand.

#2 – We can create more meaningful messaging
Tapping into data also makes for a smarter brand strategy. Carlsberg is one of our many customers using Falcon to do just that, by tracking beer-related social media conversations across their 95 markets. The brand monitors chatter sentiment in each market and uses their learnings to inform communications and ultimately improve brand perception. They can even export segments of audience types and deliver more relevant campaigns, squeezing the most out of their media spend.

customer experience management with Carlsberg

#3 – We can easily manage communities
Talking directly to customers across social media networks is a popular use case for Falcon customers. Luxury watchmaker Baume & Mercier appreciate how Falcon’s workflow management and governance processes make it easy and safe for them to respond to messages quickly, and with approval from the right person. 

“A tool like Falcon allows us to have all our platforms on one page, which makes community management a lot easier.” 

Fabienne Glardon, Social Media Manager, Baume & Mercier.

And now with Audience, a social media manager or support advisor can quickly pull up a single profile card containing insights into that customer’s history, allowing for more context in communications.

#4 – Our content is more effective
Our customers use Falcon to discover their best performing posts and then extend the lifecycle of those posts. The Content Pool  regularly receives praise here.

Shiseido Ruiz, the Social Media Director & Creative Content Producer for Highgate Hotels, uses the Content Pool to manage social assets across the chain’s 40 hotels and 40 team members. Within the Falcon platform, his team is able to access a constant stream of on-brand videos and photos. Working with us, Highgate has been able to triple their content output!

“Once a hotel sees what Falcon’s content pool is capable of doing. That hotel or business will be motivated to change their approach on how to tackle the common issue most hotels have today, which is curating and creating content for their social channels.”

Shiseido Ruiz Social Media Director & Creative Content Producer, Highgate Hotels

#5 – We can access everything through just ONE dashboard
The ability to do everything in one dashboard is something all of our customers appreciate. The fact that you can manage every aspect of your customer journey from one tool, from finding potential new customers to solving customer service tickets, is often mentioned as a huge bonus in terms of saving time and keeping processes tight.

“We need a reliable platform to manage, listen and publish to our massive network, and additionally it comes down to time management. We save money in the long run at the aid of Falcon, because everything can be done much more effectively.”

Casper Mejlholm Marketing & Communications Specialist, Viewster


#6 – We are looked after
In terms of understanding the importance of customer service, we practice what we preach. From our support teams to our strategy advisors, we take enormous pride in providing superior customer service. It’s something dozens of customers have commented on, as well as independent analysts such as Forrester:

“Falcon does a good job helping marketers decide what content to publish, and clients say the vendor excels at onboarding new customers.”

Nate Elliott, Forrester SRP Wave Report 2015

“Falcon was the only tool out there with a solution that would also cater to the global nature of our business. Secondly, the dedicated and fantastic customer support and training functions in Falcon were crucial to making the roll-out and adoption a success”

Steve Diforio AVP, Global Digital Media, Redken

Hopefully, this has helped you build a clear picture of what is essential for you when selecting your own customer experience management platform. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the six points here merely scratch the surface of what Falcon can do. For a fuller picture, we’d be happy to offer you a more in-depth overview. Simply click the Request Demo button below to book your own personalized session.

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