Dear CMOs, Here Are 5 Things You Can Expect From Us.

CMOs face a lot of tough decisions, but selecting a social media management platform that works across business units should not be one of the them.
Joe Bertino
February 6, 2014 - 3 min. read

In a recent Forbes article, Steve Olenski outlined the 5 things CMOs need from social media management tools. I liked his analysis; It was an honest description of the many challenges that CMOs face, especially considering the high-speed fragmentation of the social web.

I also appreciated the fact that Steve kept his post about thought starters, not companies or products. But since I work for one of these companies, I thought I would be doing our platform a disservice by not offering a few points of my own. In particular I hope to show the CMO community (I assume there’s one with a badge and everything) that it doesn’t have to be so complicated—and with Falcon Social, it’s not.

#1 – For sales

We’re a handy sales management tool. We have a dedicated team of customer support agents who work with our dev team make sure your CRM integration goes smoothly and your sales funnel doesn’t skip a beat.

#2 – For product development

We source qualitative feedback that can be used to influence product development. Typically our customers create search queries to gauge conversation that is specific to a particular product or service. Sometimes these public discussions can produce insights that seem subtle at first, but result in larger, more actionable business goals. (Additionally, it helps to use a platform with a strong capacity for moderation. Listening is one branch of a robust social media strategy, but jumping into a conversation to add value is brand building at its finest.).

#3 – For management & distribution

We provide distribution to all major social networks, and we’ll continue to add more. This seems fairly standard across social media management platforms, so let’s cut to the chase: we offer the most feature-rich governance layer to ensure that all business units, creative teams, and partner agencies are built into the approval process and held accountable for response rate and performance. Working together to publish content can become cluttered and difficult to manage, a problem that our interface flat-out rejects.

#4 – For customer service

We believe that every employee should play a role in customer service; it’s one of the primary reasons for launching our new Home screen. By surfacing problems, complaints or even notes of gratitude, all employees can contribute to company-wide success simply through increased awareness.

#5 – For marketing

We make it easy to create shareable content that reaches your target audience. Whether it’s a Facebook app backed by ad spend or a pre-scheduled status update, we provide the analytics to ensure successful campaigns that maximize your social media ROI.

But here’s the kicker: Are your employees ready? It’s easy to demand a lot of a software vendor, and you should, but keep one thing in mind: your employees need to understand and embrace your corporate social strategy to make things work.

So are we concerned with pleasing a CMO? Yes, absolutely. But we’re also excited to learn how you, as the CMO, have organized your team to succeed, given the influx of all this new data. And don’t worry, we provide services—employee onboarding, product tutorials, learning labs and webinars—to get that conversation rolling, too.

More questions? Request a demo or follow us on Twitter. We love talking social, and we’d be happy to hear from you.

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