Meet Eirik The "Corporate Hippie".

Get a glimpse inside Falcon! We asked Eirik Augustin, our Sales Talent Manager, 5 questions about his work on the team.
Mary Liebowitz
February 3, 2014 - 3 min. read

#1 – Where are you from originally, and what’s it like there?

I’m from Nøtterøy, Norway, an archipelago of over 100 islands. It’s a very popular summer spot, and the fjord fills with boats. It’s where all of the Vikings started – the regions was divided into 14 different kingdoms, ruled by 14 different kings, including Eirik the Bloodaxe! No relation.

#2 – What’s your role at Falcon?

Sales Talent Manager. My primary goal is to ensure everyone in Sales is updated on the product, and that we have an individual development plan for everyone. I’m a self-proclaimed corporate hippie – instead of talking to a room and giving them a broad direction on what to do, I sit down with everyone individually, and help them find a plan for their success. This is a part of Falcon’s approach that we’re all different, and bring different skills, talents, and experience to the table.

#3 – Please tell me a little about how you see yourself within the team dynamic.

When I started at, it was just a handful of people, and I’m so thankful and proud to have been a part of this from the beginning and have witnessed the amazing evolution. Because I work on an individual level with everyone, I learn things in the process as well. It’s made me very humble – we all have our own insights and common goals, and this helps me in my own development as well as helping others in theirs. The sky’s the limit here, and that’s really cool.

#4 – If you could tell people about the Falcon platform, what do you think would be great for them to know?

I’ve worked in sales for 20 years, and I’ve always had products that I believed in, but at Falcon, I love it, and I believe in it, and the feedback we get is so incredible. Our customers are loyal, and combined with the company philosophy and our Customer Success team that really is a Unique Selling Point (USP), it’s a really great company and product. One of our biggest competitors responds to their customers within a week – our team usually responds within an hour. You can’t do that everywhere, but we can because our customer service team is fantastic, and we work solely with Enterprise clients, in an actual relationship. With us, you’re met by the team, and then walked through Onboarding, and then supported along the way – that truly exceeds expectations.

#5 – If you could tell potential employees about, what would you tell them about us as a company or workplace?

Falcon is one of the greatest startup companies to be in right now, with over 100 employees and 30 nationalities. It’s created a unique environment. People here have travelled all over the globe. Everyone knows their job, helps each other, and we really have no hierarchy. It’s cool to be a part of an expansion this size that keeps you motivated and excited. I recommend it to anyone looking for a challenge in a fast-paced environment behind a product you’re really proud to work with.

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