The Evolution of Good Design.

See why the User Experience has been our focus from the very beginning.
Mary Liebowitz
June 4, 2014 - 2 min. read

Our Head of Design, Mads Hensel, reflects the best of Copenhagen’s and Scandinavia’s aesthetic. He’s approachable and easy-going. He drinks a lot of black coffee. He’s pragmatic and quick to share a joke, and he bikes to work.


Mads Hensel


Since the beginning, his focus at Falcon Social has been to provide a clean, pleasing UX for the Falcon platform that would be easy to use for large, scaling teams – which he’s accomplished.

The Falcon platform is meant to scale with organizations and facilitate collaboration. As a team, we frequently talk about how, in recent years, the lines have blurred between Marketing, Sales, and Customer Support departments in today’s business model. With the adoption of social media, departments are no longer siloed into functions, and respond to requests as a much more holistic action.

We have the luxury of working solely on an Enterprise level. It’s difficult to still say “B2B”, as our relationships with our customers are much more personal, and on a one-to-one basis, but as we are not a great fit for individual users, B2B still works in this sense.

It’s through this sharp focus on providing technology in response to businesses’ needs – agile, scaling businesses like ourselves, as well as traditional structures that are moving into the social space – that we created Falcon. We’ve built up an unparalleled Customer Success team to ensure solid, healthy relationships with our clients, and we’ve grown organically, developing our product thoroughly from within instead of looking for tactical, Band-Aid acquisitions.


Our customizable analytics are a popular feature


With team members like Mads, who are quite picky discerning in their vision for the platform, we’ve stayed true to ourselves, and in the products we offer.

Deliberate and collaborative. Evolution over redesign. We’re very proud of our creative start as a Copenhagen startup, and of our picky Head of Design. We’d love to talk to you about what your team is like, and how our thoughtful UX might be a good solution for you.


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