We're a Facebook Innovation Spotlight Winner.

Our platform just won a coveted Facebook award. Falcon.io CEO Ulrik Bo Larsen explains why this accolade is a strong validation of our company vision and direction.
Ulrik Bo Larsen
September 8, 2016 - 2 min. read

The Facebook Innovation Spotlight just declared us a winner in the Personalized Marketing at Scale category. There were a ton of very impressive submissions, so just making the shortlist, let alone winning, is super-meaningful for us.

But most of all it’s a big vote of confidence in the strategy that’s been long in the making and that we’re still relentlessly pursuing.

It can be hard for the market in general to tell the difference between the interesting small features and the truly transformative developments. We’ve always viewed what we’re doing here as transformative, and it’s fantastic that others are seeing this too.


Falcon.io CEO Ulrik Bo Larsen with our Spotlight award.

Personalized Marketing at Scale
This category really fits well with what we’ve been doing here at Falcon.io. In May we launched Audience, where brands can collect and enrich all their customer interaction data in personalized profiles. The ‘at scale’ part comes into play with Audience’s segmentation capabilities. Marketers can create custom target groups based on anything from shared hashtags to locations, purchase history or any label they’ve attached to these individuals.

We think delivering this level of personalization is an inevitable necessity for brands going forward. It’s simply what consumers demand now. They expect to be spoken to contextually and quickly in whichever channel they happen to be in. If it’s not personalized, they’re not interested.

We’ve aimed to be ahead of the curve in making it easy and actionable for marketers to achieve this – and Facebook’s recognition is a telltale sign that we’re right in our thinking and platform focus.


We’re getting in on this too.

Thank you Innovation Spotlight!
So a big thank you to Facebook. We’re delighted to receive this award. And a huge congratulations to our team for making this recognition possible. This is yet more confirmation that we’re building something truly special.

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