Falcon.io Launches Instagram Messaging Support.

We’re ecstatic to roll out Messenger API support for Instagram. Brands with high volume Instagram messaging can now use Falcon’s unified inbox to offer world-class customer service.
Mikael Lemberg
October 19, 2020 - 4 min. read

Please note: Instagram Messaging support is currently only available to select Falcon customers.

In this post-pandemic world, Instagram is more important than ever, for any brand aspiring to sell their products online. A study by Business Insider found that 72% of Instagram users have purchased a product they saw on Instagram. Add to that the data from Forbes, that personalized experiences cause 49% of consumers to purchase, and it’s clear that combining eCommerce and private messaging on Instagram warrants a winning formula.

However, with great consumer exposure also comes great inbound messaging volume. Thus, brands have had to figure out how to both provide highly valuable exposure for their products on Instagram while managing increases in inbound messages from customers with questions and service needs. This has been a delicate balance for many since Instagram messaging was inaccessible for professional third-party customer engagement platforms like Falcon.

That’s why we’re so thrilled to announce that we’re working with Facebook to offer our customers access to Messanger API support for Instagram messaging in Falcon. We’ve already onboarded several customers to the new solution and will expand its availability to many more over the coming months.

If you want to learn more about our new capabilities for Instagram messaging, click here to see all the details and request access today!

A long-standing relationship

This is far from the first time Falcon has worked closely together with Instagram. We’ve been Facebook Marketing Partners since 2012 and Instagram Partners since 2016. In 2017 we were Alpha partners on Instagram’s first-ever Insights API product. And then again, in 2018, Falcon rolled out support for Direct Publishing on the very same day that the capability was publicly announced.


Instagram Direct Messaging

We really love working with the teams at Instagram to innovate and improve the enterprise tools available on the platform. In fact, we consider Instagram such a vital place for brands to be today, that it’s our clearly defined strategy to always be the world’s best product for any business looking to market, measure, or message on Instagram.

Stay tuned for these new features

That’s why we’ve decided to raise our ambitions beyond delivering messaging support for Instagram. We sat down and took a long hard look at all the other Instagram features we already provide, including publishing, advertising, cross-channel analytics, hashtag monitoring, and comment moderation, and we realized that there were still a few more corners where we could improve even further. Therefore, this month, we are also adding the following new features:

Instagram Messaging Analytics

Brands with access to Instagram messaging also gets a set of new metrics for their measure dashboards. Specifically, we will now help you quantify incoming messages, Story replies, and Story mentions. This way, you can add new depths to your reporting, by evaluating your brand reach in terms of how many people reach out to you, how many people engage directly with your Stories, and how many people mention your brand in their own Stories.

Instagram Grid Preview

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that marketers on Instagram love to be creative. And that is also the case when it comes to content publishing. We’ve seen beautiful examples of how brands publish concurrent series of photos, to generate impressive collages on their profile, and we want to help you make that even easier. Therefore, soon you’ll be able to see a preview of how the photo you are scheduling combines with your other scheduled photos across your profile photo grid.

Instagram Grid preview

This way social media marketers can preview the feed to see exactly what it will look like before they post, so coming soon to Falcon is the Instagram Grid Preview.

Instagram first comment

Hashtags are key to reaching the right audiences on Instagram. But adding a lot of hashtags to a post’s caption is not a pretty sight, and since aesthetics are such an important part of the Instagram experience, many brands prefer to add secondary hashtags as a comment on the post right after it’s published. To make that easier, later this year we’ll let you specify the content of the first comment directly in the post composer, and we’ll make sure the comment gets added as soon as the post is live.

As it’s hopefully abundantly clear, we are very serious in our commitment to provide the best Instagram management platform in the world. We do this, simply because we believe that this is how we help your business grow with social.

Going forward, we will continue listening hard to our customers’ needs, constantly improving our platform, and building new features along the way. Read more about the launch of our customers’ most wanted feature, Instagram messaging, here