Falcon.io 2016: Our Year in Focus.

366-days filled with big changes, a lot of excitement and a host of new Falcon platform releases. Here's to 2016.
Eduards Celmins
December 29, 2016 - 3 min. read

“A lot of people thought social was done, but it’s only just beginning. We continue to see a ton of interest in new ‘Bright Shiny Objects’, many of which will end up as noise.”

Ulrik Bo Larsen Founder & CEO, Falcon.io

2016 was a crazy one for us. Not least because we relaunched with an expanded platform and a new name: Falcon.io.

Above all, we released a bunch of new features and a completely new functionality for our platform. In case you haven’t followed our monthly product release log, here’s what the Falcon platform got in 2016.



Falcon got Audience
”Do I know my customers?” is a question most of us have asked ourselves at least once, be it consciously or subconsciously, and we all know that building the right customer relationships is essential for any organization. With that in mind, we launched Audience – a new addition to the platform that allows you to have a 360-degree view of every one of your customers.

falcon releases

And Audience got a Facebook Innovation award
Facebook’s Spotlight recognizes the most innovative achievements in marketing technology and services. With entrants from around the world, we were extremely proud when our platform won an award in the Personalized Marketing at Scale category – an accolade made possible by Audience.

falcon releases

Falcon got Salesforce Integration
This year we integrated with Salesforce to help you bridge the gap between CRM and social profiles. Our integration allows you to merge your Salesforce contacts with social profiles stored in Audience – now you can see who exactly you are engaging with right from within our platform.

Falcon got Campaign Planner
If you are a company, you are on social, that’s just a fact by now. Social media marketing simply is marketing now. But being successful on social means leveraging the strengths of a range of networks. All require a different approach. To make it easier, we built the Campaign Planner that allows you equip your teams with the material and information required to execute social marketing campaigns throughout the year directly from one content calendar.

Falcon got multi-feed
Now you can set up multiple feeds for different networks, your assignments or high priority messages to increase the efficiency of your daily work and engage quickly with the people that mean business.

Falcon got more options for ads
With Falcon’s Ads capabilities you can manage your Facebook and Instagram advertising directly from the content calendar. Everything including targeting and approvals can be done here. Set up powerful advertising with the click of a single button.

Falcon got new Listen views
Monitoring your brand, your products, your market and your industry on social media and the wider web is crucial to stay on top of your game and, more importantly, ahead of the competition. With Falcon’s Comparison view, you can assess your brand/product’s performance on specific channels and against main competitors.

Falcon got scheduled reports
Being competitive requires you to stay up to date on the performance of your content, teams and competitors. To support this, we developed scheduled reports in Measure. This allows reports to be automatically sent to fellow Falcon users or external email addresses based on your preferences.

Falcon got a new navigation
We have always been proud of the unique, minimalist and clutter-free design of our platform. We’re always looking to improve it even more so this year introduced a whole new way to navigate Falcon based on customer feedback.



Falcon got .io
The biggest change for us this year was the transformation from Falcon Social to Falcon.io. It wasn’t just the name that changed: the introduction of Audience transformed Falcon above and beyond social to a full-service customer experience management platform.

We still offer all the social media management features our customer love, only now we help them to truly understand their customers as individuals and map their relationship with their brand.



What will Falcon get in 2017?
All kinds of goodies. We have great plans for the coming year and we will keep you posted. From all of us at Falcon.io, have a fantastic 2017.

“Social media is coming of age. We’re realizing that social wasn’t the billboard or banner we thought it was – it was actually the telephone.”

Ulrik Bo Larsen Founder & CEO, Falcon.io

That was our 2016.
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