Falcon Is Transforming
Above and Beyond Social.

We’re relaunching under a new name. Ulrik, our Founder
and CEO, explains why Falcon is no longer just social.

Ulrik Bo Larsen
May 4, 2016 - 3 min. read

Early last year we received our Series B funding, an infusion of capital that allowed us to pursue a new path we’d previously only been able to aspire to. Well, we did it, and we’re here. Probably nothing signals how big this is more than our new name: we’re now Falcon.io, dropping the social tag we’ve always worn.

So why do it? What’s baked into those two letters that now complete our name?

Falcon.io Launch with Ulrik Bo Larsen

There’s an unworkable mess working against marketers
Falcon has only been around for five years, but the core reason behind its founding has proliferated many times over. There’s an increasingly fragmented sea of touchpoints now separating consumers and brands.

The existence of so many channels means it’s an ongoing struggle for marketers to meet their audiences with the right message at the right moment in the customer journey. Solving that, and restoring some sanity and clarity to marketing, is what steered Falcon to where we are now.

We’ve transformed beyond social
Falcon still does everything it has done in the past, only now all that social data fueling it can be harnessed and used across departments and channels.

Our platform now helps to answer the biggest questions for brands right now: Why do customers behave the way they do? And where should you target them? It enables visibility over a consumer’s entire digital storyline – from conversations outside your brand’s reach, right up to direct messages on your brand’s social profile.

Now imagine having all that data displayed in one place, ready for you to access in seconds from a single customer view. This is what the product at the core of our relaunched platform can do, and it will change the way our clients think about marketing.

We call it “Audience”, and I couldn’t be prouder of what our team has achieved.

Meet your customers
We’re not saying this lightly. It’s what Falcon.io is all about. The value of knowing your customers is an adage as old as commerce itself, but now it’s actually possible on both the macro and personal level.

For example, a marketing department could use Audience records to define a campaign segment comprising thousands of profiles. These could be based on anything from location and purchase history to hashtags and favorite TV series. Meanwhile, in the same company, a social media manager or support advisor could quickly pull up a single profile card from the same data store for a one-to-one chat with a disgruntled customer.

The payoff to each scenario is a positive experience – and a moment where neither party has wasted their time on irrelevant communication. That may seem a small thing, but it’s the little moments like these that make all the difference to brands now.

That’s certainly what we’ve been hearing from our customers and partners around the industry. A large-scale survey of our contacts has further confirmed this: 90% of respondents said customer experience was very important to their marketing strategy. However, 60% said that delivering these experiences is either difficult or very difficult.

Already a hit with clients
Prior to launch, we invited some of our clients to try Audience as part of our beta program. Tiger, CHANGE Lingerie, and Carlsberg all leapt at the opportunity to see what the new Falcon platform could do and how it could help them solve their unique challenges.


Their initial feedback was overwhelmingly positive and they recognize that they can connect with their customers in a more meaningful way than ever before. Klaus Vemmer, Head of Global Marketing at Tiger, told us, “As a global offline retail brand, our biggest challenge is understanding who our target customers are, and what their purchase journey is – across all markets. We’re keen to build digital relationships with our customers to gain this visibility, and Falcon will allow us to do this easily.”

We keep evolving, the foundation stays the same
We started Falcon Social to fill a gap we saw in the market. We’re continuing in that spirit with Falcon.io. There’s a world of marketers and brands out there that can gain so much from our expanded platform, and we can’t wait to show them the possibilities.

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