Falcon.io Partners With Datasift.

Starting soon, Falcon clients will have access to aggregated, anonymous Facebook topic data, thanks to Falcon’s partnership with Datasift, the Human Data intelligence provider.
Matthew Klein
July 24, 2015 - 3 min. read

We here at Falcon are proud to announce that we’ll be partnering with DataSift to give our clients access to aggregated, anonymous Facebook topic data. This partnership means Falcon.io’s clients will have an opportunity to access valuable insights about what people are discussing on Facebook, helping them to improve the impact of their marketing.

Falcon.io is granted access to Facebook topic data, which is content data about specific activities, events, brand names and other subjects that people are sharing on Facebook. All of which is aggregated and anonymized so it remains private.

This will add significant value for Falcon.io’s clients. They’ll have the opportunity to gain insight about the things that are being shared by Facebook’s 1.44 billion monthly active users. This information is currently only available via DataSift and companies partnering with them.

In combination with Falcon’s listening tools, which provide data from over 4.8 million sources, sentiment analysis and real-time updates, this will mean Falcon.io will offer an even richer set of tools to help our clients improve learn about their audiences and their marketing efforts.

How it will work

Based on keyword queries entered into the Falcon platform, the aggregated and anonymized data can be filtered according to variables such as demographics, volume, gender and sentiment. Marketers can then use the information to make better decisions about how they market on Facebook and other channels. 

The example given when topic data was announced was that of a hair-care company. With this data, Falcon clients could, for example, get the age ranges and gender profiles for people who are talking about frizzy hair. Data like this will allow marketers to tailor and target their content better. It will give them a clearer picture of their audience that will allow them to market to them more effectively.

“We’ve always aimed to give our customers the best features that add the most value to their marketing efforts, and this partnership with DataSift really elevates the possibilities.”

Ulrik Bo Larsen Falcon.io Founder and CEO

An awesome opportunity for our clients

Falcon.io is a Facebook marketing partner and part of the Facebook marketing ecosystem, and we’re really glad we can offer yet another way for our clients to enhance what they do on the network.

Falcon.io’s founder/CEO Ulrik Bo Larsen had some thoughts on the partnership:

“We’ve always aimed to give our customers the best features that add the most value to their marketing efforts, and this partnership with DataSift really elevates the possibilities. It offers actionable insights into real behavior, sourced from the world’s largest social community. I think this will be a game-changer for a lot of our customers and will enable them to channel their resources a lot more effectively.”

We’ve worked with DataSift before, and have been excited about the opportunities for topic data since it was announced.

DataSift is the leader in Human Data intelligence that empowers application developers to maximize the value of Human Data, in real-time. Processing more than 2 billion human­-generated interactions a day, the privacy­first DataSift platform transforms Human Data into actionable intelligence without compromising consumer trust.

Stay tuned for more details on how Falcon clients will be able to leverage this new opportunity to hone their marketing activities and drive results.

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