Falcon.io Welcomes Denmark's Original Social Pro.

Mikael Lemberg has long been one of the Nordic industry’s best known figures, and now he’s also a Falconeer.

Chris Sugrue
Chris Sugrue
August 3, 2015 - 5 min. read

Back in 2008 Mikael Lemberg entered the Danish media spotlight as the country’s ‘first professional Facebooker’. Today, at the grand old age of 32, Mikael has one of the industry’s most impressive resumes. He has been a key figure at Komfo and Sitecore with a stint at Facebook under his belt. And this month he’s starting as our Director of Product Management, Social Marketing.

Why Falcon.io?
Mikael says he first heard of Falcon.io soon after its 2010 founding while he was working at Komfo.

“Back then Komfo was the only real player in the Nordic market,” he recalls.

“So I remember thinking that this Falcon suite had a long road ahead of them to get to where we were. Since then I’ve been so impressed by how fast the company has been able to travel that road and get even further. Today, I consider Falcon an absolute top player in the global market space.”

So what is it that draws him to Falcon.io now?  

“I think what Falcon does right is the product vision––a burning desire to deliver a unified platform for full 360 degrees social media marketing for companies. You seldom see a company that is so good at defining, communicating and executing their vision. I find that really attractive.”

Then there is a mutual passion for UX design. He says:

“Personally I’ve always had a taste for those who put that little bit of extra energy into making something beautiful. I’ve always been impressed with Falcon’s UX and how it prioritizes a great experience as being just as important as great functionalities.”

For his part Mikael looks forward to applying his diverse experience to our culture and platform.

“I’ve been involved in social marketing software for many years. My journey has been much like the one Falcon.io is on. I’ve experienced many of the same pitfalls and opportunities. In addition, I believe I can bring some new nuances of social marketing to the platform. My background is strong in areas such as social ads, content marketing and results measurement.”

He’s particularly excited by the opportunities presented by Falcon.io’s recently announced partnership with DataSift, which gives the platform access to Facebook topic data.

“This partnership illustrates once again that Falcon.io is on the innovative frontline, and it’s a great example of the ambition and competence that has attracted me so much to the company. I’m really looking forward to see how with innovations like these we can lift social media marketing to new heights.”


Mikael Lemberg.

From Hillerød City Council… 
Back when Mikael first heard about Falcon.io, he had already enjoyed a fast-track ride into the burgeoning world of professional social media. One that began, somewhat surprisingly, in local politics.

Then an aspiring politician, Mikael ran for city council office in his native Hillerød first in 2005, gaining a seat in 2007. He was still a student at the time, studying Marketing Management.

Facebook was still in its infancy, but Mikael had already pegged its potential as a campaign tool.

“My original interest in social media came as a campaigner, using Facebook primarily to talk to voters and get my message out. That was how my interest was sparked,” he says.

“I knew early on this is what I wanted to do. I just didn’t know how I was going to do it.”

What would do it was an internship and a blog entry. Mikael concluded his studies as an intern helping Hewlett Packard design a social media policy for its employees. This was a new concept in 2008 and it piqued media interest.

But what really launched Mikael onto the social scene was his blog, ‘faceblogger.dk’. This was only 3-days old when Mikael stumbled across a fact that had otherwise gone unnoticed in Denmark: Danes were the world’s biggest Facebook users, when measured in popular penetration.

He posted an entry on it then went to bed. The next morning the story had been picked up nationwide, his blog had 10,000 visitors, and Danish media everywhere were quoting ‘Danish social media expert Mikael Lemberg’.

Following a much enjoyed stint at Komfo, Mikael made it to Facebook’s European HQ in Dublin in 2012. After a year of enjoying Facebook’s larger than life culture, budget and “legendary parties” he felt the draw back home.

It was time to get back into the Nordic way of doing things, which Mikael describes as “obviously a different, more modest culture”.

But where the social media industry is concerned, he considers it a better fit for him for a number of reasons.


Mikael was dubbed Denmark’s ‘first professional Facebooker’.

….to H.C. Andersens Boulevard 
Mikael feels it’s highly “symbolic”  that Falcon.io Copenhagen has moved into the former Danish Design Centre. After all, top design is what Danish companies are known for, and Falcon.io is no exception.

“In Denmark we have an eye for creating an experience with design and quality. And that translates to software.”

“We want to design something that people want to use. It’s that kind of thing that [Falcon.io CEO] Ulrik often talks about. We want to make a unified suite, not a ‘frankensuite’,” says Mikael, whose Facebook experience gave him a window into the Silicon Valley way of doing things.

“Things go so fast that they need to do acquisitions in development, which creates the frankensuites. It’s calmer over here, there’s more patience, so we have the possibility to really develop what we want to.”

What does the immediate future hold for social media?
For Mikael, the current “mega-trend” in social media is definitely video. It comes as no surprise, he recalls how his Facebook colleagues had their eyes “firmly on people’s TV screens, already in 2012”.

“The big trend this year is absolutely video. Facebook has really bitten into Youtube’s market share. It’s grown so big in this area in such a short time. Twitter has also launched native video as a format. It will be really exciting to see where this is going. They’re definitely not finished –– it’s the final frontier,” he says.

On a personal level, Mikael looks forward to continuing his journey with Falcon.io. Outside of work he lives in his Hillerød hometown with his wife and 11-month old son.

While he sometimes gets to indulge his love of his French cooking, photography and local football club Brøndby IF, most of his spare time is devoted to fatherhood.

“That’s the best hobby you can have,” he says.

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