Falcon’s 100th Employee.

Building a strong and diverse team is well underway - and we just hired Employee #100.
Mary Liebowitz
February 25, 2014 - 1 min. read

In early 2012, we were 3 employees – and we recently celebrated the hiring of our employee number 100.

UI/UX Designer Jaap Gerritsen is from the Netherlands, and has been living in Copenhagen for four weeks. He came to Copenhagen together with his girlfriend, who was moving to Denmark to study Industrial Design.

“Jaap comes from a very small company where, when something needed to be done, he just went ahead and did it,” says Head of Design, Mads Hensel. “Having team members that aren’t afraid to go ahead and try something and just see where it goes is great.”

Jaap’s undergrad degree is in Industrial Design Engineering, but the code he relies on – HTML, CSS, and JS, were not part of his education. At Falcon.io, coding is a major part of our design process to move expediently from idea to product delivery. The comprehensive UI/UX skillset has proved to work well at Falcon.io, and fits in nicely between design and programming.

“We’re serious about delivering one unified communication management platform, with a global team supporting our customers at all levels of maturity and adoption,” says Ulrik Bo Larsen, Falcon.io CEO. “That requires building an incredibly strong team, and bringing on our 100th employee – with our team now spanning 31 nationalities – is a great milestone on this journey.”

(UPDATE: As of March 1, we will have 120 hard-working employees at Falcon.io!)


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