Forrester Names Falcon a Strong Performer.

See how the Falcon platform stacks up among top vendors in the latest independent report from Forrester Research.

Chris Sugrue
April 21, 2015 - 2 min. read

The Forrester Wave™: Social Relationship Platforms Q2, 2015 report came out on Monday. We were one of the select group of vendors assessed by the independent report, and were cited as a ‘Strong Performer’.

Forrester Research is one of the world’s most influential independent research and advisory firms. It compiled the report based on vendor surveys, product demos and customer reference calls and surveys.

We’re proud to have been invited, and prouder still by our result. And we’re very grateful to our customers who took the time to respond to Forrester’s calls and surveys.

“The best unified social to-­do list we’ve seen”
We feel we scored well on key criteria within current offering, strategy and market presence. Forrester particularly noted our monitoring and prioritization automation and recommended its readers to “consider Falcon Social if you’re focused on responding to customer comments”, adding:

“Falcon Social offers the best unified social to­-do list we’ve seen. Its Priority algorithm collects posts from a variety of social sites, ranks each on a range of factors (e.g. sentiment, activity level, and the influence of those contributing), and then orders them by priority so clients can respond to the most important first. Better yet, the algorithm tracks what clients actually respond to so it can improve over time.”

Onboarding and support among our highest marks
We were particularly pleased with our 4 out of 5 score for onboarding and support. Forrester said: “Falcon Social does a good job helping marketers decide what content to publish, and clients say the vendor excels at onboarding new customers.”

social media management platform

Social platforms are a must
One of Forrester’s key takeaways was the necessity of employing a social relationship platform. The report highlighted how both social employee and branded profile numbers keep rising:

“The average social marketer uses approximately 45 employees to manage around 55 branded profiles and SRPs make it easier for marketers to manage all these social employees and accounts. That’s why 95% of SRP clients agree that social relationship platforms save them time.”

Testimony to a changing space
The previous Forrester Wave Social Relationship Platform report was published in 2013 and we believe the space has grown and changed enormously since then. At we have been given food for thought and, for us, validation that we are succeeding in key areas of our aspirations. Next time around, we’ll be stronger still.

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