Growth by Diversity.

We’ve been able to grow by 640% in revenue in the last year, and we believe a large part of this is due to our diversity.
Mary Liebowitz
October 14, 2014 - 2 min. read

Growth by diversity may seem an unlikely line drawn between two points, but we believe that the cultural and educational differences of our team has allowed us to experience great success in the past year.

As a SaaS solution that works to break down traditional silos and facilitate a healthy flow of information between teams, we find that collaboration now often takes place across geographical locations. We love having the agility to meet the needs of scaling organizations, especially when it includes international efforts.

We have been able to scale with our customers, and meet the needs of global teams, thanks to the diversity of our own organization.


  • forces us to continually see things from different perspectives
  • creates different ways of problem solving and brainstorming
  • strengthens our interpersonal communication skills.

We never feel as if we’re creating work in a vacuum; there is always someone to challenge your ideas or offer a new perspective. We are continually motivated by the creativity and ideas of our team. This can be incredibly addictive, and we all realize what an incredible resource it is to be able to tap into. 

What our team members are saying

From a Danish team member: “On my team, we all have individual responsibilities, but the bigger problems are shared – this means that nothing problematic is allowed to escalate to levels where we can’t fix it through a joint effort.”

From a UK team member: “It’s rare to walk across the office without overhearing colleagues collaborating in some way, either planning whilst sat in our beanbag chairs, or taking two minutes to brainstorm an idea over the coffee machine. We know that in order to make something great, we need our colleagues’ input, so we do seek that.”

A growth visual

In our infographic above, we’ve illustrated some of our diversity’s contributing points to Falcon Social’s growth, and shown who we are as a team. Even with our cultural and educational differences, we can group ourselves together in a few areas. On some points, we collectively adopt behaviors that make the most sense—as can be seen in the fact that none of us drive a car to work, and the majority of us have embraced Copenhagen’s green biking culture.

The end result is that over the past 12 months, Falcon Social has steadily grown by an astounding 640% in monthly recurring revenue, and we are forecast to triple sales in 2015.

Healthy, diverse, collaborative, and profitable.


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