We’re an Instagram Partner: And Growing Fast.

We’re excited to announce that we are now an Instagram Partner. This is the most recent step in a groundbreaking journey for Falcon.io ––our CEO Ulrik Bo Larsen talks about what this means and where we’re going.  
Ulrik Bo Larsen
January 27, 2016 - 3 min. read

I’m proud to announce that Falcon Social is now an official Instagram Partner. We’re one of the first European social media management suites to be badged in Community Management in the Instagram Partner Program, and this marks a huge milestone in the Falcon journey, both for the company, and for me personally.


Having Instagram’s stamp of approval for our work in community management is extremely exciting: we’ve been working hard to empower marketers to engage their Instagram audience, and to gain insights from the platform.

Engaging Instagram.  
As a social network, Instagram yields engagement levels that are off the charts, and it’s still at the very beginning of its journey into social media marketing. A recent survey by Forrester found that 32% of respondents plan to invest in Instagram over the next year.

Brands will be able to do great things with Instagram’s loyal audience in 2016, and we’ll be helping marketers take these important steps. We’ve already helped Highgate Hotels and Baume & Mercier optimize their social strategy, and both brands are doing great things on Instagram.

We're in the Instagram Partner Program

Our entry into the Instagram Partner program comes shortly after our Facebook and Instagram Ads Integration product was released just before the New Year. Within Falcon’s Publish feature, marketers can now turn their social posts into Instagram ads in just a few clicks. We also became the only social media management suite headquartered in Europe to become a Twitter Official Partner. Along with our partnership with DataSift, we’re now supported by the three biggest social networks.

And this is just the most recent step in a whirlwind journey here at Falcon Social. 2015 was an amazing year for us.

We empower marketers.
As a company, we’ve experienced some incredible growth. Marketers across the world are noticing what we can do for their business, and we increased our client base by 54% as a result. Brands trust us because we can ensure their data is protected by the stringent regulation of EU law, and we now have some of Europe’s most influential enterprises as clients, including Coca Cola Enterprises, Carlsberg and Mentos as well as Redken in the US. In the Forrester WaveTM report: Social Relationship Platforms Q2, 2015, we were labelled a ‘strong performer’, with a special mention of our priority inbox technology and our onboarding and support services. 


Investors have continued to support our work, and we secured our Series B funding round in March at $16 million. We then went on to grow our employees by 63%, more than double our revenue from the previous year, and open new offices in Berlin and Budapest.

But all this is just the beginning. At Falcon Social, we’re here to do one thing: empower marketers to build meaningful digital relationships with their audience. It’s all about inspiring a new generation of connected and empowered customers; social media is a crowded place and if brands aren’t giving people a memorable and unique experience, they’ll become background noise.

A new generation of customer.  
I’ve been thinking about how to create lasting digital relationships for some time now. I know this is important, I meet marketers every day who know it’s important. But I also see marketers drowning every day in social media analytics, campaign reporting, media buying, ads budgeting, and continuously trying to prove that their work brings in ROI. It’s tough out there, and with all this complexity, sometimes relationship-building falls out of focus.

This is dangerous.

Why? All the research shows that if you can’t inspire your customers, you won’t survive. In 2016, 89% of companies will compete mostly on the basis of customer experience. And how are you supposed to know what will amaze your customers?

The answer is simple. It’s all in the data. And in 2016, Falcon Social will be helping marketers build customer insight through data in just a few simple steps.

Watch this space.


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