The Quick Publish App for Real-Time On the Go.

We’ve pared down our Publish app to give you something geared entirely for life in real-time.
Chris Sugrue
June 27, 2016 - 2 min. read

Events, conferences, panels and fairs have become an increasingly important and dynamic platform for real-time marketers. These are packed with opportunities to spark or join conversations, leverage influencers and engage audiences with moments that resonate.  As in all things real-time, there isn’t a moment to waste doing it.

Which is why we created Quick Publish, the app that lets you publish on the go and in the moment, without skipping a beat.

Introducing Quick Publish
With Quick Publish, our R&D team has stripped down our Publish app to its high-powered basics. The new, sleeker Quick Publish is precisely what it says on the label: our core publishing functions, packaged in a gorgeous UI that lets you publish…well…quickly.

Lightning Mode
When you activate Lightning Mode, Quick Publish will automatically keep your preferred hashtags, channels and location. This means you can keep posting in rapid succession without having to sweat the details. Photos and videos are, of course, supported.

This makes it perfect for social media managers and other digital professionals attending conferences, events, or simply out and about when opportunity calls. You can see it in action here:


Also for when quality and caution trump speed
Real-time can be risky. There are plenty of dos and don’ts to consider. Like everything else you do, real-time engagement must align with your brand and broader goals. Sometimes these far outweigh the value of being first.

Quick Publish caters to these considerations with functions familiar to those using the desktop version. You can submit posts to admins (or anyone else for that matter) for approval, or schedule them to the Editorial Calendar. This is especially handy for teams attending larger events such as fairs where brand fidelity and quality control can be hard to maintain. 


Falcon in your hand
Product Manager Benjamin Kristoffersen describes his team’s stripped down app as “super-simple and super-intuitive”, adding: “we’ve focused on the functions that people really need and added what they’ve been asking for.”

Quick Publish is the latest evolution in our app offerings and complements our Engage app, also available for iOS and Android. Both ensure Falcon users are never tied to their desks or too limited in what they can do away from them.

Quick Publish is available for download now on iOS and Android.


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