By Mary Liebowitz

March 11th, 2014

We work to keep our social media management platform fresh and user-friendly, and want our website to continue to reflect this as well.

Recently, Copywriter & Communications Specialist Joe Bertino and Visual Designer Casper Iversen worked to produce a brand new website for Falcon Social. They papered the walls of the marketing office in Post-It notes, frequently moving them around as they worked to develop the site’s structure.

“From a business perspective, the goal for the website was to make it easier for customers to sign up, not just from a landing page but from multiple locations within the site,” says Bertino. “We also needed to consolidate our product mix a bit to help us communicate the value we provide as a unified platform.”

The site’s language is compact and to-the-point, and the content is enhanced by several full-screen backdrop photos, most of which were taken by Casper around Copenhagen.

“I thought it was a good way to inject some personality and life into the website,” added Iversen. “Our aesthetic for the platform’s design has been minimalistic and simple, and we followed this approach with the website. We shot photos around Copenhagen, because this is where we live and operate. We wanted an honest and authentic presentation of ourselves.”

We love this direction for introducing the Falcon platform, our employees, and our work culture.

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