Two Birds of a Feather: Is Now a Twitter Official Partner.

We’re excited to announce that we are now a Twitter Official Partner. This is huge for both us and our customers - our CEO Ulrik Bo Larsen talks about why.
Ulrik Bo Larsen
November 24, 2015 - 3 min. read

Today we announced the secret we’ve been gleefully keeping for a while: we’re a Twitter Official Partner! We’re also the first social media management suite headquartered in Europe to join this coveted program. So what does that actually mean? Well, a lot actually, both in terms of where we are as a company, and how it adds value to our customers.

What it is and why it’s awesome
Twitter set up its Official Partner Program to help businesses use its pioneering network for more effective marketing. Partnership is given to companies “recognized because of their high-quality products or expert-level services and proven success on Twitter.”

That’s the short of it, but it took a marathon of exhaustive work by our fantastic Partnerships team to earn our certification. Twitter doesn’t award this status to just anyone. It goes to companies that are doing something different; something special that answers a specific need in the market. And that’s what we’ve been aspiring to do at every day for the past five years.

So it’s fair to say we take this partnership as quite the validation. Especially as we’re the first social media management suite with a European headquarters to be made an Official Partner. We’ve made a lot of headway in a short time in our North American market, and are very proud to join the select few US and Canadian vendors awarded this badge.

It’s a really exciting time to be coming onboard with Twitter. You can feel they’re really ramping things up. I’m especially taken with their recent product developments, which show the network is really doubling down on their commitment to the end user.


Nice, but what’s in it for me?
Data. Lots and lots of it from Twitter’s 320 million monthly active users. The kind of data that enables brands to pursue the data-driven, customer-centric mode of marketing that will define the future.

As a Twitter Official Partner will have beta access to Twitter products, visibility of the Twitter roadmap, as well as access to the data generated by Twitter users across demographics and markets.

We are currently working on a project that will enable customers to see their real-time Twitter impressions in Falcon Measure in the future, i.e. how many people saw a particular tweet and how many engaged. That’s some powerful and fantastically actionable insights to build customer engagement on.

And this couldn’t be more relevant or timely. There’s a widely circulated Gartner stat that indicates by 2016, 89% of businesses will compete solely on customer experience. I’m a big believer in that. And it’s with data like this that brands will be able to create the personalized, real-time experiences that today’s connected consumer expects.

Twitter is committed to holding their partners to the highest standards even after becoming an official partner, and we’ll be working hard to ensure we continue to drive a product that meets the standards of this certification, and the trust it signifies.

Exciting times as we head into 2016
This announcement is just the latest in what has been an epic year for We’ve continued to scale and expand at speed, which is perhaps best illustrated by our office moves to much larger premises in both New York and Copenhagen. We’re also proud of  securing our Series B funding back in March and opening new offices in Berlin and Budapest.

Our Twitter partnership is just one of the reasons we’re so excited about the future of our platform. More and bigger things are on the horizon in 2016.

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