Falcon.io Takes Social Benchmarking to the Next Level.

Unmetric is joining the Falcon.io and Cision family! Unmetric is a leader in delivering insights from social benchmarking, audience engagement, and content performance. Falcon customers will soon have the option to access seven-years' worth of competitive analytics from 100K brands on social media.
Ulrik Bo Larsen
October 24, 2019 - 3 min. read

I’m delighted to announce that we have just acquired Unmetric, a world-leading social media benchmarking solution. 

That’s great news for Falcon.io customers: Unmetric lets companies and agencies access competitive insights in real-time from over 100 thousand brands. That includes seven years of public, historical data on activity on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and Twitter. 

I can tell you, our own marketers and analysts within Falcon.io have been blown away by the possibilities that Unmetric brings to our platform. It expands enormously upon Falcon’s existing benchmarking capabilities – and how we enable brands to build killer content strategies and campaigns based on the best insights available. 

It’s no wonder Unmetric has been used by such household name brands as Pepsi, General Motors, Unilever, TBWA and HomeAway. 

See the press release here.

unmetric, social media benchmarking

Falcon.io founder and President, Cision Social, Ulrik Bo Larsen at last year’s Spark conference. Source: Bruno Amaral / Digital Insanity.

A natural fit for Falcon 

Part of what attracted us to Unmetric was how much of a SaaS kindred spirit it is. The user experience is so simple and intuitive. And it’s just incredible how much data you can quickly access with just a few clicks.  

First, you have the Analyze part of the solution, which is where you can mine social brand activity for outstanding content in terms of likes, comments shares and more. You can also set alerts to be instantly notified about impressive or unusual brand engagement. 
Then there is Discover, which is a Google-like search engine that lets you bring up all that competitive data. You can drill down to the posts and topics that have worked for particular brands. That even includes an analysis of the text, image, and colors.

This is rounded off by Track, a real-time feed of brand content to help you keep on top of everything being published in your industry, or any field of interest for that matter. 

All this lets companies create more effective content strategies and better engagement – while freeing up the time it usually takes for research to focus on business goals and delivering ROI.

unmetric benchmarking

Unmetric’s dashboard.

All of this helps you create the best-performing campaigns you’ve ever done. And you’ll be able to this faster than ever too, with automated reporting. 

It’s just amazing what’s possible with it, and we can’t wait to help our customers reap the benefits. 

And exactly what companies need

 We launched Falcon as a “unified” platform that gathers all the tools needed for social media marketing and management in a single place. We’ve continually expanded upon that foundation, adding customer experience and an ever-growing array of analytic and advertising functionalities.

Recognizing that we were no longer “only” a social media management platform, we changed our name from Falcon Social to Falcon.io in 2016. And we’ve kept developing because consumer behavior and the martech space have fundamentally transformed. 

However, few companies have transformed themselves in tandem.

There is now a gaping disconnect between brands and their audience’s expectations of them. Companies are struggling to engage effectively with their audiences or provide a satisfactory experience for their customers.

That’s what we’re out to fix for them, and Unmetric brings us a lot closer to achieving that. 

With this latest enhancement of the Falcon platform, brands will be able to benchmark, monitor, engage with and measure their customers and audiences on an all-new level. This, in turn, will drive more effective content publishing across multiple channels;  all of which can be achieved from a single, unified platform.

This is a powerful advantage that will give brands the competitive edge they need to stand out and succeed.

Our direction stays the same, just with even more momentum

We will be integrating the Unmetric solution into the Falcon customer offering. Unmetric’s employees will continue their great work out of their office in Chennai, India. The rest of the Falcon.io and broader Cision family welcomes them aboard.