What Our New Funding Means for Customer Success.

Our stunning $16m in new financing is going to change a lot. But one thing will always remain the same: our dedication to our customers.

Anna Tighe
March 25, 2015 - 2 min. read

We’re over the moon here at Falcon Social. Our $16 million in Series B funding announced yesterday is big in every sense of the word. We’ve already achieved so much as a company, no other comparable SaaS platform has been able to do what we have with such comparatively modest capital. Our customers have been a core part of that. You’ve believed in us and inspired us to rise to your expectations. We’ve reached a new milestone now, and I can’t wait to watch our gigantic, shining future unfold.

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What Does This Mean For You? 
I was with Falcon Social during our last investment milestone in 2013. Our Series A funding opened the door to the phenomenal growth we’ve enjoyed since. For our customer success team it changed everything. We went from a couple of call desks to a department that spans the Atlantic between Copenhagen and New York City and serves a global customer base. We were able to cultivate meaningful, long-term partnerships with companies we are still so proud to work with, and build our platform based on these relationships.

Our series B funding is double that of 2013, which means we can expand and improve upon our customer success team on a whole new level.

Exciting things were already in motion in terms of user experience, new partnerships, data sources, learning options and our range of services––and now we have the resources to fine-tune and develop these even further in both Copenhagen and New York.

One example of what you can expect is an even higher level of customer care with more specialized industry, platform, and social media experts. We are already expanding our team with key hires to move our service model forward. One is Nikita, our new Senior Strategy Advisor who comes to us from HubSpot. Another is Helene, our new Customer Experience Manager who just joined us from Podio. Their addition is just a sample of what the futures holds for our customer success team.

We’re Building on a Footprint You Developed
None of the fundamentals are changing. You our customers and your experience with the platform remain the center of our point of reference. From everyone in customer success: thanks for helping us make Falcon the platform it is today. Big, exciting things are are on the cards for tomorrow!

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