Falcon.io is Now a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider!

We’re gradually rolling it out to customers who can now manage their WhatsApp conversations directly from Falcon.
Mikael Lemberg
February 21, 2019 - 3 min. read

We’re pumped to announce that Falcon.io is now a WhatsApp Business solution provider. That means our customers can manage their WhatsApp messaging directly from the Falcon platform.

A lot of our customers have been asking for this, and we’re delighted that we can now deliver.

As a social media and customer experience management platform, we’ve watched the rise of messaging apps and believe 2019 is a watershed year for them. WhatsApp is used by more than 1.5 billion people in over 180 countries, so we believe this is the perfect time, with the perfect network, to elevate our messaging offerings.

messenger apps, whatsapp marketing, why use whatsapp

This WhatsApp badge is the latest milestone for Falcon.io

Why are messaging apps now so important to marketing?

There has been a major shift in how people communicate online. Mobile messaging apps now occupy more of our time than social media feeds do—and that is only going to increase.

The reason for this is clear. Consumers now expect conversational marketing, meaning personalized 1:1 comms in which the brand always knows who the individual being spoken to is. Messaging apps are the perfect format for this.

messenger apps, whatsapp marketing, why use whatsapp

Mobile messaging apps now occupy more of our time than social media feeds do.

According to a study on the state of messaging sourced by our friends at Smooch, 83% of consumers use messaging to learn about a product or service, 76% use it for support and 75% use it to make purchases. You can see how ingrained messaging apps have become in consumer usage—and brands had better keep up to stay competitive.

We’ve seen a shift with our customers

Here at Falcon.io, we’ve seen a clear increase in the number of people shifting from public to private Facebook messaging over the last couple of years. That’s another reason we made it our goal to extend our messaging offerings, with becoming a WhatsApp Business solution provider key to that.

As mentioned, messaging apps are the format that most people are the most comfortable with and already use for their other important conversations. There are a lot of simple, practical reasons for that.

Unlike Live Chat, messaging apps let companies keep and compile their conversation history with individuals—who can pick up or leave a conversation when it suits them. It is also a format that is tailor-made for mobile.

An even better way to Engage

Our customers can now view and reply to their WhatsApp messages in our Engage social media inbox.

messaging apps, whatsapp marketing, why use whatsapp

No more clicking between windows. Our customers’ WhatsApp conversations are now visible alongside other networks in the Engage inbox.

Aside from the convenience, the addition of WhatsApp to Engage lets marketing teams see their WhatsApp conversations alongside those from other networks, with all the same delegation, labeling, and template features. You can see more about WhatsApp templates here in this Help Center Article.

We can’t wait to roll this out!

We really do believe that this is the year that messaging apps will truly become brands’ favorite and most effective social customer service tool. We couldn’t be happier to be able to now offer access to one of the best messaging apps out there.

We’ve already started rolling out the WhatsApp Business API beta integration. If you would like to join our early access customers, just reach out to your Sales or Customer Success Falcon representative.

Private messaging apps are one of the trends we covered in our 2019 Digital Marketing Trends Handbook. Download it below to discover the top trends that will shape 2019.