Yearly Reflections: Looking Back Over 2017.

It's been an awesome, busy year at Here are some of our top highlights.
Dino Kuckovic
Dino Kuckovic
December 20, 2017 - 10 min. read

2017 has been a great year for One marked by momentous innovation, transformation, and growth.

Before we hit 2018 at full throttle, let’s take a moment to reflect on some of 2017’s top highlights.

But first, a few words from Jillian, VP of Customer Experience:

“This year we’ve invested heavily in our customer success strategy. Our continuing goal in 2018 is to get even closer to them to understand how we can best help them succeed with social media.”

So, let’s take some of our favorite highlights from the top.

We created a platform to help our customers get smarter about social. 
Falcon has heavily invested in an engaging customer education program this year. One of the formats we’ve come to love more than ever before is our #FalconEd webinars. It takes a village to press start broadcast, so I also want to take this opportunity to thank all colleagues involved in putting on our webinars. Some of my faves:

Webinar: Unleashing the Power of Social Landing Pages
Webinar: Convince Your Boss of Social Media’s Benefits
Webinar: How to Overcome Content Creation Challenges
Webinar: How to Conduct a Quick Social Media Audit

We also invested in meeting our prospects and customers face-to-face to better understand their needs through hosting workshops at Social Media Week Copenhagen 2017. It was all about social data, a topic close to our hearts. Since we launched our Audience data store in 2016, our customers have indexed more than 100 million customer profiles.

We wanted to return the love our customers give us by hosting our first-ever Customer Event in our Copenhagen HQ. Marketers from all over Europe and every possible vertical were warmly greeted by our CEO, Ulrik Bo Larsen.

Throughout the day, customers, partners and our own product specialists discussed centralized global content distribution, digital storytelling, Falcon integrations and more. This was followed by two rounds of inspiring product breakout sessions.

We wanted to connect with prospects and customers across the globe, so we once again hosted a stand at dmexco, Europe’s premier digital industry expo. This year, dmexco featured over 1,000 exhibits and 570+ speakers including Twitter’s Jack Dorsey and Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg.

Representing Falconeers from Berlin and Copenhagen.

Back to school! Kathleen and Dino got in a cah to Bahsten for the 2017 Social Media Strategies Summit for Higher Education. For most brands, building an engaged social media community is enough of a challenge. Now imagine having to ask your audience for money as well. It just goes to show that content is key, even in fundraising.

Kathleen schooling the Ivy league.

What’s the secret sauce in social media advertising? sponsored a masterclass event, accepting the challenge to convince 55 marketers from New York’s finest companies that our recipe for social media success would suit their taste. The day started with a Falcon keynote presentation followed by F2F roundtable discussions with representatives from each company. Here are Customer Success Managers Matthew and Elizabeth in a chat marathon:

We built the foundation for expanding our integrations. 
A 2017 prediction that has proven entirely accurate is that marketing technology (martech) stacks would continue to be adopted. To really be competitive, companies now need a flexible collection of software tools that work seamlessly together.

We had already been developing Falcon in this direction; we saw our first rollout this year with QBank, a digital asset management platform, followed by Supervisual. We rolled out more integrations, notably with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and HubSpot throughout the year. These all enable you to synchronize your customer data with our Audience module.

By opening up our application programming interface (API), we’re allowing customers to integrate Falcon with their existing martech stacks. In most cases, this can be done with plug-and-play ease and speed. By comparison, enterprise-level integrations with many other similar tools can take weeks or even months to integrate.

Update your CRM for the Customer Experience age.

We got you closer to the influencers of our space. 
Brian Solis is one of digital marketing’s best-known names – so it was quite the coup when our Content Marketing Manager TJ got an exclusive interview with him. Solis challenged a lot of commonly held views about influencer marketing in a widely-shared article.

Solis – a man on a mission to improve influencer marketing strategies.

Who would you choose to endorse your product or service? Good question! And one rewarded with a fascinating answer by David Schwab, Octagon EVP and founder of the company’s celebrity strategy business. In an exclusive interview, Schwab told us that you need to start with the why, what and how before reaching the who when building an influencer marketing program with celebrities.

An interview with David Schwab.

We got a great mention on HuffPost in a list of “10 Tools to Help You Better Retarget Your Customers”. The article notes how Falcon pulls “insight on customers across relevant social media platforms, offering information on the conversations taking place.” Thanks for the shoutout, HuffPo!

We strengthened our connection with industry partners. 
Our Director of Product Ecosystems, Mikael, joined by Product Manager Justina headed out west to California for F8 2017 –Facebook’s developer conference.

Facebook made its long-term plans clear, and they were nothing short of awesome in their ambition and long-term vision. Joining trendsetting events ensures that Falcon–the company as well as the product–is on the frontlines of innovation.

Also, we couldn’t resist and had some fun with Facebook Spaces.

Virtual Mikael. Live from Rio via San Jose.

Andrea and Mikael attended this year’s Global Partner Summit to talk product roadmaps and key opportunities for growth. They also got to share big ideas with other Facebook partners.

The theme this year was Build Beyond–Facebook’s call to all of us to take bold risks in a time when products, people and ideas change in the blink of an eye.

year in reflection

Senior Backend Engineer Andrea Picardi at Facebook’s Global Partner Summit.

We’re a LinkedIn Marketing Partner!
This marks yet another important milestone in Falcon’s history of entering strategic partnerships with all the major social networks. The partner program is rooted in making it easier for marketers to target, manage and report on LinkedIn campaigns. Our direct integration with LinkedIn’s analytics API lets you see advertising performance insights from sponsored LinkedIn posts directly in the Falcon content calendar.

You can now schedule, publish and monitor your sponsored LinkedIn content in Falcon.

We invested in knowledge to give you best-in-class services. 
Bootcamps are a Facebook tradition. As a Facebook Marketing Partner, we sent Falconeers Lisa, Andrea and Anna to Dublin to supercharge our Facebook knowledge.

year in reflection

All smileys at Facebook’s European HQ.

Senior CSM Anne represented Falcon at this year’s re:publica. The major topics for 2017 included sustainable community management against hate speech and racism, data tracking, digitalization throughout all verticals, and technical innovation. Anne says she feels more confident consulting her clients on objection handling after attending the conference.

Her tips: revisit netiquette rules and upvote, like and share positive postings so that algorithms show the higher level of engagement.

But see a re:cap for yourself:

We sent a group of Falconeers to Gainsight’s Pulse conferences in Oakland and London. This year’s conferences provided valuable food for thought: a great customer experience starts at home! Pulse reaffirmed our commitment to CX, and all the discussion around it made us proud of our already high level of commitment to customer serviceAttending this year was special for us since we were also invited to speak and received a Sally Award for Best ROI Champ delivered by the organizers at Gainsight.

You can relive the magic of Pulse right here: 

Hey there Ms. Sally!

We invested in continuously improving our platform. 
This year became the world’s first social media marketing platform to support Instagram Story publishing! Our solution is simple yet powerful: we enable marketers to create, collaborate on, and schedule Instagram posts and Story drafts.

Isn’t it beautiful?

It seems the general demand for Instagram was insatiable this year. So, never the ones to disappoint, we hosted a webinar about the network.

In a joint R&D and CX effort, Justina and Raquel hosted a session on how to build a winning brand on Instagram. They talked about driving campaigns with eye-catching original and user-generated content–which proved every bit as popular as we expected. #FalconEd

We’re in love. Is it that obvious? Well, it should be. Instagram loves Falcon and Falcon loves Instagram!

Brands can use to measure every single detail of their Instagram marketing–including reach, engagement, and profile CTA clicks. This level of precision for Instagram Measurement was yet another industry first and we were super honored to have been selected to join Instagram’s exclusive Alpha development program.

Instagram Measurement.

We also enhanced our R&D team as a dedicated unit to ensure speedy issue resolution while improving overall customer satisfaction. They don’t wear capes, but they sure are superheroes! Go team!

Speaking of superheroes, our Support is better than yours! Falcon’s average CSAT (customer satisfaction) is 93% with a median response time of three minutes via chat. This year we grew big time in Support, as we reached records in the volume of incoming requests both in chat and email. We also extended our support coverage to strengthen our presence in regions like APAC.

Falcon’s average CSAT (customer satisfaction) is 93% with a median response time of three minutes via chat.

What I (and thousands of customers) appreciate is the fact that these guys know how to add their signature human touch in every interaction. That counts for so much in an age where it sometimes seems that SLAs and bots are taking over. Did you know that we love sharing our customer’s praises and even have a dedicated #customerlove Slack channel?

No bots here, just your friendly Falcon Support heroes :)

The market confirmed we are a leader in our space. 
With a Crozscore of 90%, ranked #2 on Crozdesk’s list of the Top 20 Social Media Software in 2017.

The coveted listing features applications that make marketers’ social media channels and campaigns an absolute breeze to run. As a unified social media and customer experience platform, we are happy and thankful to be recognized as an All Rounder by our peers.

We’re a 2017 SaaS Award Winner!
In September, we were named the Best SaaS Product for PR or Social Monitoring and Management. We were up against some of our top competitors, so making the shortlist, let alone winning, was a huge honor and a proud moment for us!

Another SaaS-y award for!

A strong tailwind coming our way from Chicago made 2017 even better!

G2 Crowd rated a Leader and High Performer in the following categories: Social Media Monitoring Software, Social Media Analytics Software, Social Media Suites and Social Media Management. This success means all the more because it is based on independent reviews given by our platform users–4.4 out of 5 to be exact! #ThankYou

Falcon ranks as a Leader in four categories – and a Top Performer in four more.

Denmark has emerged as an up-and-coming market technology leader and has been ranked as no. 1 in G2 Crowd’s State of B2B Denmark Tech in 2017 report. This Danish supernova is making a global footprint. Read more above.

This leader will keep you warm this winter.

And all of this was possible thanks to our talented people – #Falconeers. 

The ladies of team Berlin.

Falcon is a great, diverse and fun place to work. I think the pictures above and on our Instagram make that point abundantly clear. But every now and then it’s nice to get an outside source to confirm what every Falconeer knows: the best culture fit is if you fall in love with your company.

Fun Fact! #DogsOfFalcon will go down in history as THE most popular Slack channel ever created at Falcon. Why? Because they are just so fluffy.

On the IT Company Rank list featuring 50 Danish companies, is ranked 8th but comes in first place for job interest. Stine, our Director of People Operations, is quoted as saying that “great vision without great people is irrelevant.” 

Our E-NPS (Employee Net Promoter Score) is 88% – the benchmark for new tech in 2017 was 85%. Let that sink in, folks.

That calls for a celebration!

And who better to organize it than our customers at Founders Entertainment, producers of The Governors Ball Music Festival in NYC? We were even lucky enough to have our summer party there.

Matthew toured the festival grounds a few days before to prepare his customer for the 150K festival-goers that were making their way to Randall’s Island.

US Falconeers @ Gov Ball.

Bye 2017, Hello 2018!
What a year! I hope you enjoyed the walk through memory lane.

Now, is it too early to talk about New Year’s resolutions? Never. We look forward to delighting our customers even more in 2018! Happy holidays from Santa’s little elves your Falconeers.

Our Budapest developers in Santa’s HQ.

P.S. Our release log documents what’s new on the Falcon platform.

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