By Maxwell Gollin

April 11th, 2018

Social media is constantly getting updated—so you should be, too. Here are 5 of the top social media news stories from this week that you don’t want to miss.

1. Congress doesn’t speak Facebook-ese.

A month after Facebook banned the British data firm Cambridge Analytica from their platform, Mark Zuckerberg has finally testified before Congress. Meanwhile, the web exploded with ironic memes and fun tweets, several lawmakers suggested data regulations, and Facebook’s stock price bounced back 4.5%.  

2. The success of visual marketing? Pure science.

It’s no wonder that visual social networks like Instagram are taking over. Did you know that our brains process images 60,000 times faster than text? From color stimulation to real life photos, 90% of information transmitted to the human brain comes from visual stimulation. Sounds like visual marketing’s the way to go.

3. Get ready for Instagram Nametags.

It looks like Instagram has no intention of slowing down. Nametags are on their way and will soon let users and brands customize their own QR tags for their profiles – even using emoji patterns. The feature will help people promote their accounts visually and can be scanned with the Instagram Stories camera.


4. LinkedIn’s hashtag requirement gets mixed reactions.

LinkedIn is running a minor test on its platform that requires users to use hashtags to post updates from their personal accounts in order to find and join valuable conversations. Some users aren’t too pleased.

5. 70% of Twitter users are retail-focused.

In its latest report, Twitter highlights its true potential within shopping and retail. Not only are a large portion of its users interested in retail, but 85% of them have also interacted with brand or product content after being on Twitter.


Looking for more social media updates? Check out some of the previous news you might have missed: 


1. Twitter’s new API is already impacting brands.

Twitter recently released a new spam-fighting change, including penalizing users who simultaneously tweet the same content across multiple accounts. The new change is already chipping into automation processes and time-consuming marketing processes.

For a more in-depth analysis, take a look at our article on what the Twitter policy change means for marketers

2. Instagram is rolling out its shoppable tags in 8 countries.

Shopping has never been easier. Instagram users can now access virtual price tags that are overlaid onto posts, access product info and be redirected to the brand’s storefront to continue the purchase.

3. Facebook will stop showing audience reach estimates in campaigns.

To fix a security vulnerability, Facebook is disabling estimates of audience reach within Custom Audience targeting that could threaten users’ privacy. 

4. LinkedIn is adding new video filters and styles.

The platform is bringing in new video features to spice up on-platform content, especially for work-related events. These range from stylish text captions to a “Work High Five” sticker. 

5. Instagram is focused on keeping your feed fresh.

It’s only being tested with a small percentage of users at the moment, but the New Posts button will allow users to stay at their current position in the feed instead of suddenly bumping them up to the top of the feed while scrolling.


Marketers should always be on top of the latest social media updates—here’s some more juicy news you might have missed: 


1. Pinterest publishes a purchasing pattern infographic.

Pinterest released a new infographic this week showing how its users bought products after visiting the platform. Apparently 90% of Pinners pinning on Pinterest ponder purchases on the platform.

2. Facebook signs a major deal with Warner Music.

Facebook recently bought the rights to Warner Music’s massive library of songs for use in “social experiences”. Following the deal, many expect them to scale up their music services in the near future.

3. Snapchat tests out a tagging feature.

Snapchat is borrowing a play from Instagram’s book and allowing users to be tagged in Snaps, though the feature has yet to be formally released. This could be big for brands, who could have their Snapchat accounts tagged and featured in posts by influencers.

4. YouTube Studio officially launches.

Google released a new version of YouTube’s Creator Studio this week. YouTube Studio includes new metrics and improved analytics for content creators on the platform.

5. Google lets musicians respond directly to searches.

Google Posts now allows verified musicians post answers to common search queries about themselves. The new feature also lets museums, sports teams, and movies post content that shows up next to regular search results.

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