Your Social Media Listening Just Got a Whole Lot Better

With Falcon’s Listen now being powered by Brandwatch, there’s nothing stopping you from monitoring the billions of conversations happening online right now.
Dan Chessa
June 1, 2021 - 3 min. read

From today onwards, things may look a little different when you click to use Falcon’s Listen module to do your social media monitoring of the day.

When Cision (our parent company) added Brandwatch to the family, we started working together as a team to integrate their AI-powered, deep social listening capabilities into the Falcon platform.

So, say hello to the new Listen — now powered by Brandwatch!

Imagine, with just a couple of clicks you’ll be able to find meaning in the millions of conversations happening online. You’ll know how customers really feel about your brand, your products, even your competitors, and you’ll be able to detect trends as inspiration for your next social media campaigns.

This is exactly what our revamped Listen—now, powered by Brandwatch—is here to help you do.

Well, that, and much more.

Exactly how will Listen | Powered by Brandwatch help your brand? 

Okay, so, Listen | Powered by Brandwatch lets marketers search for and analyze what people are talking about online across no less than 100 million sources ranging from social media to forums to review sites and beyond.

And yes, that was 100 million online sources.

The AI-powered analytics tool monitors mentions across the web which allows social media managers to strategically surface meaningful insights and react instantly to what’s trending now.

Basically, you can:

Explore industry and business-related trends.

Exploit the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to stay up to date with news related to your brand, industry and competitors. This will help you make smarter business decisions and create meaningful marketing strategies and campaigns across all your channels. 

Get to know your customers better than you ever have.

You get to explore your online audience in new, creative ways. You can track the millions of conversations happening online, feel the pulse of your community, analyze changes in sentiment, and use those insights to fuel your content marketing strategy.  

Detect unusual activity and get a notification when something’s up.

When it comes to crisis, we (as social media managers) know that every millisecond counts. With this tool, you can sleep easy knowing that you’ll be notified if and when there is a spike in brand mentions somewhere. Plus, you can set it up to alert your team about any negative mentions, so they can react promptly and before it escalates.

Get an easy overview of mentions where you’re already tracking other conversations.

Oh, and if you’re an avid Falcon user, you’ll be happy to know that you can access your saved searches (the mentions you are following) directly from the Engage module (your social inbox) too. This means you can follow all the relevant conversations online — both the ones where people write directly to you and the ones where people write about you — from the same place.  

What our customers are saying

While our product teams have been busy fiddling with the product integration, we managed to onboard a few early birds to test the new Listen. Here’s what Duncan from Toyota had to say about his experience: 

“The Brandwatch integration with Falcon is a great addition to the tool and allows us to combine our content, engagement and listening activities in one place, saving time and making it easier to deliver insights.”  
— Duncan Rumney, Manager at Toyota GE.

How about you? Are you looking for a social media listening solution for your business too?  

We’ll be happy to give your team the grand tour.