Direct Instagram Scheduling & Publishing is Finally Here!

And we're among the first to support it.
Mikael Lemberg
January 30, 2018 - 2 min. read

Big news for social media marketers!

Instagram just announced that its Content Publishing API (Application Programming Interface) is now available in Beta for all official partners.

That means you can at last schedule and publish to your Instagram Business account directly from social media management platforms like Falcon. For now, direct publishing only works for single image posts and not Stories, Carousels or video.

As an Instagram Partner, is able to roll out this functionality for all our platform users from January 31. Once the feature has been enabled for you, simply select your image, type your caption and click the publish button. A second later, the post will be published seamlessly to your account.

direct instagram publishing

Available from January 31, direct Instagram single image scheduling and publishing (the above is a mockup).

This is great news for social media marketers as it lets you plan, visualize and align your Instagram strategy alongside your other network posting – with the full transparency and quality control that only a content calendar can provide.

Falcon supports all post formats
As mentioned before, Stories, Carousels and video posts are not currently supported by Instagram’s direct publishing API.

But, thankfully, that doesn’t mean you can’t manage them through Falcon.

We have built our own workflow for publishing these richer formats to the network, using push notifications sent to the Falcon Hub mobile app. So no matter which kind of Instagram post you want to create, Falcon has you covered.

And it doesn’t stop there, Falcon is one of only a handful of vendors that allow you to measure your Instagram post metrics.

Take your Instagram campaigns and strategy to an all new level!
Click below to see our full Instagram publishing capabilities – and feel free to draw some inspiration from the best brand strategies on Instagram, or tips on how to boost engagement.