Facebook API Changes:
How They Affect Us and You.

Our CEO, Ulrik Bo Larsen, addresses Facebook's
latest announcement about data access.
Ulrik Bo Larsen
April 6, 2018 - 2 min. read
Facebook API

Ulrik Bo Larsen, Falcon.io founder & CEO

You will no doubt already know that Facebook announced a series of changes to their platform on Wednesday.

Essentially, Facebook is changing how partners can access data to keep users’ information safe and secure. It is safe to say this is a reaction to the recent debate around Cambridge Analytica abusing Facebook users’ private data.

These changes affect Events, Groups, Pages, and Instagram APIs and impact both Facebook and Instagram.

In light of this, we are working closely with Facebook to ensure these changes disrupt our services as little as possible.

I would like to emphasize that all our core services remain the same and you should not expect major changes to the features we already offer.

There is one issue we expect to be resolved very soon: Facebook Messaging is currently disabled in Falcon for any pages authorized after April 4. All pages that currently have Messaging in Falcon will continue to do so.

The Falcon platform will continue to support listening, publishing, moderation, advertisement, measurement and audience management on both Facebook and Instagram.

We have been closely evaluating each of the changes announced over these past few weeks, and we currently don’t expect there to be any significant impact on our platform’s capabilities.

Facebook API

Facebook made the announcement on Wednesday.

You can keep track of any changes and updates in this Help Center article.

If you would like to know more about Facebook’s current initiatives and their potential impact, you are a welcome to reach out to us directly at [email protected]. Falcon users can also contact your Customer Success Manager.

A big thanks to all our customers for your understanding on this matter, I look forward to continuing our collaboration. 

Best regards,

Ulrik Bo Larsen

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