Hooray for the Twitter Mute Button.

Quieting your Twitter feed when you don’t want to Unfollow your network - the courteous approach to social media.
Mary Liebowitz
May 13, 2014 - 2 min. read

Have you ever watched your Twitter feed get overrun by posts from a conference you’re not attending? Does one of your favorite Tweeps get wrapped up live-tweeting sports events while you were hoping for a great article to read instead?

Twitter released a “mute” function for twitter.com, iPhone, and Android that is making a staggered rollout to all accounts. It allows you to “temporarily” stop a person’s tweets from hitting your feed while still actively following them – providing you remember to unmute them again.

twitter mute button

You won’t miss tweets that are directed to you, however. While a person’s account is muted, their tweets to you will still show up in your Notifications.


This is a great feature, especially for professionals and businesses who spend a lot of time monitoring and engaging with their networks. It allows you to focus on what matters to you, while tuning out what doesn’t.

Here’s a few positive points:

  • It’s easier to be a gracious tweeter and follow back as a general rule
  • The mute function doesn’t impede regular retweeting, favoriting, and interaction by the person muted
  • By tweeting to you with an “@”, muted accounts can still grab your attention, possibly leading to better, more relevant engagement.

And the negatives:

  • You may forget to unmute people and miss accounts in your feed
  • Sudden pop quizzes at conferences by people who suspect you’ve muted them. “Did you see that funny thing I posted on Thursday? Oh, you did? What did I say?”
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