Instagram is Opening up for DM Handling via Falcon

Instagram Messaging management is getting easier with Falcon. More than 500 customers are already onboarded, and they clearly love it!
Mikael Lemberg
September 1, 2021 - 3 min. read

In October last year, we enabled a subset of our customers to read and respond to Messenger API for Instagram from the Falcon platform. What started as a small beta test has grown to thousands of connected Instagram accounts, managing over 150,000 messages weekly. 

One might say our solution has been firmly battle-tested and proved its worth. That is why we are excited to announce that we can now get all our clients on board with it. Once you’re enabled, you can read and reply to Instagram DMs from our platform. All you need is to log into the Falcon settings and refresh the connection of your Instagram Business accounts. Then, DMs, Story replies, and mentions will automatically start arriving in your unified inbox in real-time. 

The key to scalable customer care. 

One of the customers that helped us test this solution is the premium streetwear brand Culture Kings. They receive thousands of comments and direct messages on their Instagram accounts. On average, that translates to over 5,000 weekly tasks for their customer care team. 

We were an Alpha partner for the Messenger API for Instagram, and thanks to that, the Culture Kings team got early access to the new feature in Falcon. This was a game-changer for them. They could easily respond to all questions and comments at a record rate and avoid toggling between the native Instagram app and a separate customer care platform. In addition, when regular customers mentioned the Culture Kings brand, the team tagged them back in the Instagram stories — leading to higher engagement rates and long-term customer loyalty. 

Culture Kings doubled the number of Instagram DMs they handle weekly, thanks to Falcon’s unified inbox, Engage, and advanced features like customized feeds, internal notes, labels, and assignments. They also reduced the time spent on such tasks by a whopping 30%. Basically, that means better customer experience at a lower cost. 

As Sue Pham, Head of Customer Experience at Culture Kings, says:

“We have easily doubled the amount of Instagram DM’s we can complete in a week. With Falcon Engage, we can smash through comments at a crazy rate.”

Want to learn more about how Culture Kings benefitted from Falcon? Read the case study here.

We 💙 Instagram.

Falcon’s long-standing partnership with Instagram is one of our most valuable ones. Over the years, we have worked directly with the Instagram team to build many great features, such as advanced measurement, content scheduling, and now also private messaging.

To top it off, we’re also working relentlessly to extend the experience with innovations that do not come pre-baked from the Instagram API. A short walk down the memory lane shows we’ve recently launched great add-ons like Instagram Messaging Analytics, First Comment Automation, Instagram Grid Preview, and Instagram Ad Comment Management. Read all about these great features here and here.

We’re stoked to take the next step in our joint journey with Instagram and help you master customer service on Instagram.

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