Industry News: 5 Things You Need to Know This Week.

Because social media never stands still.
Chris Sugrue
December 6, 2017 - 4 min. read

1. Facebook releases a messaging app for kids under 13
“Messenger Kids” will allow pre-teens to chat with each other using text, pictures, and GIFS – as long as they get approval from their parents first.

2. YouTube unveils a plan to stop ads appearing next to violent and extremist videos
The four-step action plan involves expanding AI supervision of videos, hiring more people to review content, improving transparency, and putting stricter advertising criteria in place.

3. Facebook shares its Community Help tool with international relief organizations
Community Help, which allows Facebook users stuck in crisis zones to ask for aid, has partnered with American Red Cross and NetHope to get relief to those in need.

4. YouTube reveals its own version of Stories
“Reels” are 30-second mobile videos that appear at the top of a creator’s channel and, unlike other Stories, don’t expire.

5. Digital marketing software industry is on track to become a $75 billion global industry by 2022
New research from MarketsandMarkets estimates the digital marketing software industry will expand from $37.48 billion in 2017 to $74.96 billion in the next five years.

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1. Facebook is launching a new ‘creator’ app
Facebook Creator will add new original video content options, to encourage the creation of even more polished streaming content.

2. Twitter confirms a Tweetstorm feature is on the cards
The network is testing a feature making it easier to launch multiple-tweet threads using a simple ‘+’ button. Ranters rejoice!

3. Instagram is testing a new hashtag following option
A small change but one that could provide a new way for marketers to boost messaging.

4. Facebook Messenger adds a new PayPal option
The new extension, the latest in Facebook’s payment trajectory, lets you send invoices directly through Messenger.

5. Facebook is testing VR within its news feed
The upshot is that eventually, you can experience virtual reality directly in your ordinary Facebook feed. Even more options for content creators to play with!

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1.Instagram Stories is ditching the 24-hour limit
In a significant change of MO, Instagram Stories now allow you to add picture or videos that are more than 24-hours old.

2. Twitter’s 280 character count is now official
The era of the network’s signature 140 character limit officially ended on Tuesday. Opinions are divided.

3. Facebook introduces a Messenger Chat Plugin
Messenger 2.2 now features a much-requested chat plugin to allow conversations between brands and customers.

4. Instagram’s bookmarked posts are now available
The network continues to channel Pinterest by trialing the ability to see bookmarks on your PC.

5. New polling presentation options for Facebook
All Facebook profiles and pages can now add GIFs and images to their polls.

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1. Facebook is testing a split newsfeed
The network is experimenting with a feed that separates commercial and personal posts. Advertisers are excited, some publishers are panicking.

2. LinkedIn is adding ‘smart replies’
The app’s new feature uses machine learning to help you save time managing your messages.

3. Instagram is updating its CTAs
The update will make CTA buttons more subtle and integrated into the post content – a ploy to get more ads in there?

4. Facebook is straying into Pinterest territory
The network is testing ‘Sets’, a feature enabling you to create photo, video and post collections.

5. Twitter to label political ads
Following Facebook’s example, Twitter will now add labels to election ads and identify the poster.

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1. Facebook may be muscling in on LinkedIn
In a surprise move with LinkedInesque implications, Facebook is reportedly trialing a resume feature.

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2. Twitter is working on a bookmarking button
A bookmarking feature could be coming to Twitter so you can save interesting content for later.

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 3. New multi-company Groups announced for Facebook
Some are calling these new shared company workplaces a “game-changer” for marketing.

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4. Snapchat is doing shows now
Snapchat is starting a studio with NBCUniversal to produce scripted programming for mobile.

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5. Facebook set to release an affordable VR headset 
At “just” $199, the new Oculus Rift headset is being seen as an early step in bringing VR mainstream.

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