When a Solid Customer Service Program Drives Business.

In a crowded market, a solid, nimble customer service program can elevate a company’s brand, and drive business.

Mary Liebowitz
March 17, 2014 - 3 min. read

We take customer service seriously at Falcon Social, and see the support our customers’ journey as a significant contributor to our company’s worth.

We work with a broad range of industries, helping our customers tap into the talent and workflow within their organizations and present their companies cohesively. Whether tying customer service to social channels or streamlining efforts across multiple locations and teams, working with us is usually a step that organizations take to improve efficiency and collaboration.


As a company that works in social media management, we are on the front lines daily when it comes to customer service within social networks. We see the education and support of our own customers as a part of our product, and rely strongly on our Customer Success team’s efforts to contribute to our value as a company.

Our CS team is a dedicated, tight group. In a recent company-wide meeting, they presented their successes for the quarter with a learnings assessment. The slide was entitled “We Have a Big Heart”, and discussed the many human ways that they reached out to our platform users on an individual level. I thought that was such a significant message for our business model.



“In Customer Success, we work with customers before they even become one – to support them during their trial of the platform. We see the impact that this has on their decision-making: They get a real sense of how we work very quickly, and understand that they’ll get the support they need, exactly when they need it. We want to not only respond to customer needs – but anticipate them, and proactively engage to always add value with each interaction.”

Anna Tighe, Head of Customer Success, Falcon Social


As businesses embrace becoming social businesses as well, we as professionals are shifting our resources and workflows in response. With some companies, it can mean restructuring to ensure there’s a clear path of communication from social channels to a trained customer service representative. It can also mean a mindset change, to be able to embrace customer contact via the customer’s platform of choice.


This month, our team is expanding to include a Customer Strategy department. Our new Head of Customer Strategy will be responsible for providing premium services to maximize customers’ social investments, diving deeper into how they can implement social strategies in alignment with their business goals. While many of our customers are experienced social managers, others are in the beginning stages of implementing organizational strategies. We hope that by taking support to this level of immersion, we’re empowering our users to be stronger social marketing leaders.


I enjoy managing our social channels, knowing that we have a stable structure in place to assist our customers at every point in their relationship with us, often exceeding expectations. Consider the customer journey within your organization. Does your onboarding and customer service program offer a better, complete delivery of your product and put you ahead of competitors? I think it’s worth thinking about how to streamline your customer service to give yourself this competitive advantage.

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