Social Media Marketing

The modern approach to social media marketing is changing and requires a human touch. Social media presents exciting opportunities for brands of all sizes from all industries.
In this social media marketing hub, we’ve laid out what you need to know, along with great resources and helpful links to help you get a full picture of the social media marketing landscape.
How do you execute a cohesive social content strategy? How do you ensure brand consistency across thousands of social pages and accounts? How do you effectively engage your growing social communities? And, most importantly, how do you analyze and measure results?
These are just some of the questions that digital marketers are struggling to answer.
This hub exists to help you quickly source all the information and inspiration you need to stand out and make social media a priority.
What is social media marketing?
Brands simply can’t relate to the modern consumer without social media marketing. But it is also a highly competitive landscape. Everyone is vying for attention in the world’s fastest-moving forum. Marketing your brand in this day and age requires careful planning, devotion to gathering data, and putting social as a customer experience objective.
Social media is at the core of any successful marketing campaign. Putting social media into the marketing mix isn’t as simple as just writing a string of 140 characters. If there’s one thing that people who work in the world of social media can count on year in and year out, it’s that our industry will continue to change and evolve.

“The ongoing flexibility, support and guidance from the team at Falcon is second to none. It provides us with the reassurance that our global network, local subsidiaries, as well as partner agencies, are fully empowered to effectively engage in their social media efforts, and deliver on our strategic objectives.”

Martin Majlund, Digital Director, Carlsberg

Social Media Calendar

A social media calendar is one of the most important tools for a social media marketer, after coffee and bagels. Being prepared for social media marketing requires knowing your own campaigns and important dates throughout the week, month, season, and year. There are important dates for every industry - no matter if you work in sports, fashion, travel, or beer brewing. Building an amazing calendar filled with important dates, content ideas, and campaigns (both paid and organic) is essential for any social media strategy. Here are some great resources to build your content calendar.

10 Steps to Building an Awesome Social Media Calendar.
Behind every great social media strategy, there’s a killer social content calendar. Here’s how to build yours.

The Social Media Calendar – Key to SMM Campaign Success.
Like a traditional editorial calendar, the social media calendar maps out every deliverable, deadline, and publishing date for every stage of your campaign. A well-designed social media calendar is the key to success.

Building Your First Social Media Content Calendar.
A content calendar makes everyone happier, from your customers to your coworkers. Building your first one is a tough task.

Social Media Calendar - The Heart of a Great Campaign.
A social media calendar is essential to getting your campaign framework in order – here’s how to get started.

Using a tool to create a social media content calendar

Falcon provides an easy-to-use tool for all social planning in one intuitive calendar.

Social Media Management

With so many channels and such a broad audience, today’s social media landscape requires constant upkeep and management. The number one strategic challenge for social marketers today is to align social goals with overall business objectives - across every network. If strategies are not aligned, you need to constantly tweak your campaign to bring them together or risk sending out a cacophony of messaging.
Social media can give you a detailed picture of what an audience responds to, allowing you to create more selective and integrated brand messages and campaigns. Missing out on learning how customers experience your brand and your competitors can result in wasted opportunities in the long term. Retrospective recovery work is very resource intensive, wasteful– and completely avoidable.
Managing your entire social outlet requires a plan to be in place for different scenarios: success, failure, and emergencies. Being resourceful - whether with  a full team or as an individual with the right tools and plan in place - goes a long way. Here are a few must-haves for every social media marketing role:
Eight Steps to Creating an Effective Social Organization. - For anyone giving social a go at scale, you know that it often requires tearing down internal organizational structures and requires teamwork across business units and markets.

Maximize Your Time, Reach and Impact. - There’s a lot going on out there. With Falcon, you can search across social networks and throughout the internet to find the right people to reach, opportunities to exploit, and potential problems to avoid.

Social Media Analytics

The million-dollar question in the industry is how you can prove–and improve–social ROI. In order to quantify the success of your social media efforts, you need to answer two questions:
1.What does success look like?
2.How will you measure it?
Although social media networks have metrics to give you a sense of what’s working, you often won’t see the full picture unless your “success” metric is Likes and Retweets. To measure the overall effectiveness of your campaigns, you need an analytics-first structure and the right tools in place.
The exact metrics you use will differ depending on your needs, but for maximum value, they should be aligned with your overall business strategy. Consider both branding and revenue-linked goals. Branding goals can include anything from increasing brand awareness and visibility to growing positive brand sentiment to building relationships with influencers.
Review your social media programs regularly to ensure that ROI is being maximized according
to your pre-defined goals. What made sense six months ago may already be outdated today. As a bonus, the blog posts below provide ways of identifying how to improve your service.

Make Informed Decisions - Using social media analytics to measure success.
How to Use Social Media Analytics to Reach Your Audience. - Make sure your content addresses the actual difficulties of your customers. Be smart and use your data to make better decisions.
The Power of Now – How Real-Time Analytics Transform Social. -  Measuring in real-time can boost your social campaigns, enhance PR, and even net you elusive ROI.
The Importance of Social Media Analytics. - (Guide) Without some form of tracking, your social media campaigns are unlikely to gain the traction or recognition they deserve. Analytics are a crucial part of assessing how well your activities perform and how they may be improved in future.

Social Media Listening

The words “social media crisis” strike fear into the hearts of digital marketers everywhere. But these three companies turned their crisis into a win.


Managing brand perception in a world of social and online sharing can seem daunting. Social listening is the first step to regaining control.

Manage your brand using social listening. Get a real-time view of industry chatter, market preferences, and events to help guide your marketing campaigns. Benchmark yourself against competitors and best practices.

The simplest solution is to employ social listening to hear the chatter about your campaign, post, or championed hashtag. Sentiment analysis is continually improving, and can be sharpened in-house with machine learning, like correcting your analysis tool when it incorrectly identifies a search term as negative or positive.

Go beyond the performance on your own brand channels—actively observe brand mentions, key influencers, competitors, and overall brand sentiments to help monitor your daily digital performance.

Outsmart Your Competition

Effective social listening is about using platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to unlock insights about your industry, your prospects, and the market in general.

Why Your Keyword Research Must Include Social Listening. -  SEO - Go beyond the algorithm. Your keyword success resides with real people.


Facebook Marketing

From 30,000 feet, analytics for mobile is simply listening to the data collected in your app. User behavior analysis is more complex in practice, of course, but it often sounds more complicated than it is. Our approach to app analytics is straightforward and data informed. Here are some of the world's best resources for analyzing the troves of data you can collect about your mobile users.
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How Top Brands Use Facebook Live Video Instagram Stories. - Personalized stories strike an emotional chord while allowing marketers to differentiate themselves. Nothing helps humanize a brand better than online video sharing.
5 Facebook Advertising Mistakes To Avoid - These mistakes could be hurting your budget. Here’s how to get more bang for your buck with Facebook advertising.
Spotlight: is a Facebook Innovation Spotlight Winner - Facebook’s Spotlight recognizes the most innovative achievements in marketing technology and services.’s platform is taking home an award in the Personalized Marketing at Scale category.

How to create a Facebook Custom Audience -  Facebook allows advertisers to target specific users through Custom Audiences.
The Essential Twitter Marketing Guide -  This guide shares tips for posting and advertising through Twitter. You’ll learn how a little targeting will go a long way in getting your message in front of the people that matter to your brand.
10 Creative Tweets That Will Make You Rethink Twitter. - How much can you say in 140 characters? These tweets contain valuable tips for all social media managers to put into practice.
10 Fun Tweets from brands -  How to write funny tweets to get laughs and boost your reach.

3 Ways Twitter Can Help Your Business. - Listen, promote, and quickly reply to move your brand to the top on Twitter.
As a highly niche network, LinkedIn engagement is its own discipline. You have to be professional, but there is far more to it than that. In fact, there are a host of techniques that make all the difference in elevating your presence on LinkedIn.
The Essential LinkedIn Guide For Marketers - This simple guide to marketing on LinkedIn is bound to surprise and enlighten and is a must-read for brands in 2018.
LinkedIn Tips: Boost Brand Reach with Engaged Employees. - How can you engage your employees and see your brand name soar on LinkedIn?. Here are our time-tested tips to boost brand reach.

The Best Ways to Use LinkedIn for Business - Check out four of the most efficient ways to use LinkedIn for business in 2018.

Instagram Marketing

What was once a network purely for posting photos - albeit, photos of food - Instagram has now grown to be one of the premier platforms of the day. Videos up to 60 seconds long can now be posted and you can start a Live feed with another user.Instagram has fully grown into a marketer’s dream channel.

But it’s not the only game in town—lots of visually savvy brands have made Instagram their flagship social presence. Where Instagram flourishes is in its vast network of influencers where engagement is guaranteed.


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