5 Secrets to High-performing Content on Social Media.

Did you just launch your social media content strategy, or does your existing one seem to be in a bit of a standstill?
Ilia Markov
October 14, 2021 - 5 min. read

Social channels and the ways people use and relate to them are constantly evolving. Staying abreast of your competition requires continuous monitoring of the smartest and most effective content trends, and their timely integration in your strategy. 

Posting content on a regular basis is not enough for making the best of what social media can offer for your brand. Naturally, your social media content strategy should be rooted in a deep understanding of your audience and its needs, as well as in a fervent dedication to building a unique tone of voice and brand story. In addition, your tactics should also be in sync with the latest content formats and prominent patterns in the field. 

We’ve compiled 5 creative tips for boosting your social media content strategy that you can start applying right away. 

1. Develop a coherent and powerful brand story.

Your social media content strategy will work in the best possible ways when it’s backed by your authentic brand story. 

By creating and gradually unraveling an engaging narrative about where you’re coming from and what your vision is, you can make your audiences relate to your brand in a deeper and lasting way. Brand stories are not simply a recount of how your company came to be — but an inspiring journey in which there are heroes, obstacles, and high goals. 

One of the greatest examples of reaping the most from a powerful brand story is the clothing brand Patagonia. They manage to revolutionize the whole approach to sports clothes creation and usage — reaching people across the world with the compelling personal story of their founder. 

Patagonia’s mission is visible in their content across their website and social media channels, creating a complete feeling of what the brand stands for. 

2. Bet on videos.

Videos are one of the hottest content assets on social media these days — so it’s a winning move to include them in your strategy, along with other visual materials.  

The video formats you can use vary across the different social networks. While you’ll need something short and punchy for TikTok or Instagram, you can bet on a longer format for, say, Facebook and YouTube. 

As for the types of videos, you can consider a mix of the following:

  • Tutorials 
  • Interviews
  • Feature and product videos
  • Behind-the-scenes 
  • Videos by users
  • Contents
  • Announcements 
  • News and trends 

Among the different types of videos you can create, live streams are the buzz nowadays. You can publish live interviews, events, workshops, behind-the-scenes shots, and many more. 

In fact, this is a field where you can really get creative — and then broadcast on Facebook Live, Twitter, YouTube Live, Instagram Live, LinkedIn Live, TikTok Live, Twitch, and the likes. Live streams allow your followers to become a part of the experience as it happens. 

Probably some of the top live video events are Apple’s product announcements. People watch their live streams around the world to learn about their newest products. Before the events, there is always hype around the brand’s tech developments. 

3. Utilize the power of user-generated content.

Brands struggle to create authentic content that can resonate with their audiences when it comes to social media. And what’s more authentic than what people say and share? 

While it may be challenging to navigate the seas of user-generated content, it’s important not to discard the jewels hidden there. Sharing the honest insights and feedback of real people — rather than specifically created marketing messages — can inspire lasting engagement from your audiences. 

Skilfully employing user-generated content is a great way to position your brand as one that’s worthy of social proof. It wins the trust of your audience and featuring their experiences makes them feel important and appreciated.    

BMW can inspire you how to integrate user-generated content into your social media strategy. They created the hashtag #BMWrepost, so their followers can share their Instagram stories with the brand.


4. Experiment with employee advocacy.

Having a strong employer branding strategy entails throwing employee advocacy in your social media mix. The good news is that this is a win-win situation because this tactic can also feed into your diversified social media content strategy to help increase traffic and leads. 

The basic premise of employee advocacy is that happy employees are a great way to advertise your work in an immediate and persuasive way — similar to user-generated content. This is awesome as is, but it’s also an effective method to build up authentic content for your social media plans. 

Satisfied employees can create or share relevant and persuasive blog posts, brand mentions, webinars, events, videos, and much more. 

Google can provide what is probably one of the top examples of employee advocacy done right. Its lifeatgoogle Instagram page gives the mic directly to its staff to share their lifestyles and insights. This approach to employee-generated content builds into the brand’s profile as transparent and trustworthy and extends way beyond its employer branding efforts.

5. Listen to your audiences to offer them the content they want.

One of the main goals of any social media content strategy is engagement. But to find the best ways to interact with your potential clients entails knowing what interests them. 

Social listening allows you to find out what’s hot in your field right now. You can identify what people are talking about — be it your products and services, your competitors, or the trends in your industry. 

Gaining this first-hand knowledge, you can integrate it into your strategy — so you can craft content that genuinely addresses people’s needs, and that resonates with their goals and dreams. This, in turn, helps you for acing your customer service and in times of crisis, or just when you really feel you need to know more about your customers. 

The American restaurant chain Chipotle has a shining example of how social listening can feed into great content for social media. The brand challenged The Cheeky Boys on TikTok to send a burrito to space — and this is the video result Chipotle then published on their Instagram: 

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That’s a wrap!

Coming up with new methods and using trending content formats is essential for keeping your social media content strategy up-to-date. This is key for increasing your brand awareness, connecting with your target audiences, and growing your leads and sales.

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