ABC/FOX: Battle for the Best Fall TV
Social Media Content.

Which network created infallible fall social media content and which network fell down?  

Caitlin Brennan
August 30, 2016 - 5 min. read

As summer draws to a close and your sunburn fades, it’s time for a new season…of TV. We’re taking a look at the fall TV social media content of two major television networks, ABC and FOX.

For the first round, we’re focusing on how both networks are using Facebook Live.

Live with Chandra Wilson and Jason George from Grey's Anatomy!

Posted by ABC Television Network on Thursday, August 4, 2016

ABC has taken advantage of Facebook Live by creating a “rapid fire game” called “60 Seconds With…” The 10, roughly 60 second videos feature co-stars asking each other fun softball questions. While the interviews may not compare to Charlie Rose, the videos provide fans a glimpse into the personalities behind the people who portray popular characters.

We’re LIVE at the FOX TCAs with Kylie Bunbury and Mark-Paul Gosselaar! Hear them talk about the new FOX drama, Pitch.

Posted by FOX on Monday, August 8, 2016

FOX held celebrity interview live sessions as well. Very different from ABC, FOX upped the production value by adding a fancy intro and show clips. FOX produced three much longer videos that seemed rehearsed and staged compared to ABC’s intimate offerings

Both networks have 2.3 million Facebook fans. ABC has a slight fan lead, with less than 10,000 more fans than FOX. None of FOX’s videos received over 10,000 views. ABC’s lowest watched video had over 24,000 views and the most viewed had over 1.8 million. FOX’s three live sessions were for new shows without an existing fanbase. Although, six of the 10 ABC videos were for new shows as well.

What do the results tell us? You don’t need production values and a slick set to get views. Emmy-winning actresses certainly help, but they are not necessary to create live videos your fans will tune in for.

Winner: ABC
ABC delivers fun, to-the-point Live sessions that bring in big audiences with low costs.

It’s not news that organic reach is dwindling on Facebook. If you’re brand isn’t taking advantage of live video you’re missing out on major reach and audience engagement. Read more about the value of Facebook Live in our post here. recently began holding live sessions featuring our own stars. Chances are, there are stars waiting to be born within your company too. Our resident social media experts discuss pain points, solutions and trends in our sessions. Falcon’s live sessions are some of our top performing posts on social. Do “screen tests” with some of your staff to see who has the skills: clear delivery, eye-contact and an overall likable presence.

Scrolling on. Here’s how our brands are looking on Instagram.

ABC’s Instagram is a bit all over the place. The account isn’t regularly updated and the posts lack continuity. Recent posts include a series of shots from summer concerts and a video recipe for fish and chips sliders reposted from ABCd. Those seeking the recipe are directed to the link in ABCd’s bio. The link leads to an ABC hosted site for a cooking web series, “Tastemade Get Cookin’”. It’s confusing and detracts from the well done cooking videos.

Also, It’s hard to figure out what exactly ABCd is, either way, it’s intriguing. 

What do you think it stands for? ?? #goodmorning from #abcd

A video posted by ABCd (@abcd) on

What does the d stand for? 

Moving on…how about getting back to fall comedies and dramas? You know, the ones that need to get fans exposed and hooked before too many episodes pass?

Summer in the Hamptons…

A photo posted by abcnetwork (@abcnetwork) on

ABC confused and filled fans with false hope for the return of the cancelled series “Revenge.”

At least the subject of this post below is old enough to be legitimately nostalgic, instead of just dated:

Here's a family we'll never forget ❤️

A photo posted by abcnetwork (@abcnetwork) on

“Full House” was a beloved show, but it’s no longer on the air. Why not ask a question about it? “What’s your favorite Full House memory?” It doesn’t have to be overly complicated, but fans need prompting. Engagement creates loyalty. Make it easy to chime in.

In contrast, FOX stays on target. The majority of posts promote shows and feature broadcast dates. The accompanying text includes relevant hashtags and asks questions to engage fans. FOX regularly posts and re-grams from the accounts of individual FOX shows to expand their reach.


#Regram ?: @luciferonfox ・・・ The #Lucifer family tree is ready for you on September 19.

A photo posted by FOX (@foxtv) on

Winner: FOX for being relevant, easy to follow and obvious. They deliver everything you need to know – here’s a show, here’s when it’s on. There’s a place for being mysterious – like the plot of a TV show – not in an Instagram post.

Turning to Twitter:

ABC has Twitter down to a science. Their feed is full of trending topics and fun show promos.

Awwww, GMA promotional puppies!

All right, ABC is bringing more than adorable pooches. They have a great campaign featuring fan tweets.

ABC requests that fans authorize the use of their tweets. It’s crucial to receive authorization for user generated content. Fans are happy to be recognized and deserve to be.

FOX continues to play it straight on Twitter. Their tweets regularly include dates and show titles.

They also feature fun character reactions and countdowns to premieres.

Winner: Tie
Both networks know their way around Twitter. Twitter’s format rewards brief, timely and informational posts. Both networks’ posts are relevant and engaging.

Overall winner: Tie!
ABC crushed Facebook Live, faltered a bit on Instagram and finished strong on Twitter. FOX needs to loosen up on bit on Facebook Live, keep doing what they’re doing on Instagram and continue keeping it focused on Twitter. Both brands demonstrate that creating a top social presence doesn’t have to be difficult; it just needs to be direct.

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