CM/SMM: Content Marketing and Social Media Management.

How they go together, and what you should know.
Mary Liebowitz
September 8, 2014 - 3 min. read

It’s a fantastic time to be working in Content Marketing. Today, when people ask me what I do, very few of them ask me to explain what content marketing is!* We’ve reached an excellent point of maturity, with talented industry influencers sharing their knowledge, and broad integration of our work across many types of organizations.

I work as a content marketer for an enterprise social media management platform, and the other day, I listened in on the onboarding of a new customer. Our advisor gave our customer’s team best use pointers based on their own KPIs, and showed them how to customize their analytics. As I followed along with the questions coming from the customer side, I realized that we were working with a team with a very wide breadth of roles. A few years ago, we would have conversations with “the person who manages social media”. Today, we speak with social media managers, CMOs, content marketers, journalists, PR, marketing directors, their teams, and so on. Digital marketing has become a colorful spectrum of skillsets, but oddly enough, we’re working together even more closely than before.

Jay Baer has described the relationship of content marketing to social media management very succinctly:

“Content is fire. Social media is gasoline. Use social to drive awareness of your content more so than awareness of your company. Like social and email, content and social should be working VERY closely together.”

Jay Baer Marketing Consultant

As someone with a foot in both the content and social worlds, I’d like to share two important points to shed more light on this growing relationship between CM and SMM.

  1. Well-crafted content should have sturdy, athletic legs. As content marketers, we fully understand reach, lead gen, brand recognition, customer retention, and all the other actions that point inward—but it’s becoming more beneficial to our roles to see content through outward multi-channel distribution as well. There is real value that ties into amplification and retargeting, stretching further into the buying journey, that we should also be an informed part of.
  2. The technology of social media management is becoming more focused on the collaborative work within organizations. Social has un-siloed itself. The Falcon platform was built on a unified approach to social media management that is allowing our customers to shake up their current internal structures for improved efficiency. Content marketing will be included in this inter-departmental approach – better to be on top of this wave than under it.

Despite the growing acceptance of content marketing as a needed role within organizations you may not always have the perfect set of tools at your disposal. If the focus of your work is on defining the right content strategy and producing that content, we can be a great partner in unified social distribution to lighten your load. Download our free Social Content Strategy handbookask us some questions on Twitter, and let us help you work as efficiently as possible.

When we work so hard to produce meaningful, insightful content, it only makes sense that our strategy will carry our message out through social distribution and engagement as well. It really is a great time to work in the industry, and I look forward to what the next wave of the content marketing revolution will bring!


* My mother has no idea what I do.

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