Clever Content Marketing Distribution Methods to Try Now.

Here are some great, basic tips for getting your content in front of the right eyeballs.

Caitlin Brennan
March 27, 2017 - 3 min. read

Believe it or not, your brand’s future customers are not waiting for your next brilliant missive. You’re not Alan Greenspan, Apple or the Pope. People may encounter your content in an email or on a social media post, but wherever they find it, they won’t read or click unless you can solve a problem or otherwise play into an existing interest. These are some content marketing distribution tips to get the right content in front of the right eyeballs.

Q+A+social listening
Why do you write blog posts? Most likely to educate your audience and offer solutions to issues they encounter. How did you determine the issues to write about? You likely draw on your own experiences and industry best practices. Pretty straightforward. However, chances are there are many people out there struggling with the very issue you just wrote a blog post about, but they haven’t seen your helpful post.

On a broad scale, social listening can clue you in on industry chatter and insights to shape your strategy. On a smaller scale, social listening can connect you to individuals seeking help for problems you can alleviate. If you find a tweet with a question you or someone at your company can answer, answer it!

Depending on your industry, displaying expertise to or solving the problem of one person could result in landing a make-or-break account. Even if you don’t deal in expensive products or services, each person you can establish a personal connection with is a potential influencer.

Social listening can also provide insight into commonly asked questions. When you identify common questions you can write a post providing answers. After you have the post, you can respond to the person’s question with a brief answer and a link to your new blog post.

We naturally employ a lot of social listening here at, and base many tactics on what we learn. In one example, we solicited social media questions from our audience and created a column to address our audience’s issues. Make sure to tweet us your questions!

Email your audience
We Falconeers pride ourselves on knowing our audience. We strive to deliver content that will be relevant and meaningful to our followers. Through segmentation of our audience, we know that a group of our followers are interested in the music and sports industries. With the information, we created blog posts targeted for each audience.

To better distribute these articles, we wrote customized emails for each group. These blasts performed well and provided value to each group.

Depending on the amount of content you produce, consider sending a round-up of your most popular content quarterly or yearly. has found sending an end-of-the-year email highlighting our most popular content a successful strategy.

Remember personalization is key with emails. According to DMA, segmented, targeted and personalized emails generate 58% of total business.

Amplify your best performing content
As with our yearly email roundup, we’re constantly analyzing our content marketing distribution performance. It’s a given that we promote our blog posts on our social channels. We pay attention to post performance on each channel.

Making sure your content efforts aren’t in vain takes a bit of time and creativity, but it’s a worthy task. After all, what’s the point of creating great content if your mom is the only person who sees it?

One good venue is Reddit, the self-crowned “front page of the Internet.” If your industry-specific content matches up with a particular subreddit (a message board on one topic), post it. If you can answer questions asked by subreddit participants, do it. That being said, be careful about sounding commercial. Answer questions in a way that provides real value and avoid making direct plugs for your product. The goal is not always to make a sale today – it is to be recognized as an expert.

There is a thread that runs between these methods. Your mom may read everything you write in order to support you, but everyone else needs a little more incentive. Use your content to solve real people’s real problems and you will develop the reputation and user base you’re looking for.

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