Edit Photos Within Falcon.

Digital marketers know that rich images are crucial for creating compelling social content. We’ve added a photo editor to the Falcon platform to enhance Publishing and the user experience.
Mary Liebowitz
March 19, 2014 - 1 min. read


Social media content creators depend on the ability to pair well-crafted text with intriguing images. To capture attention, help tell a story, and add visual interest, photos give life to content.


To provide the richest, most engaging content possible, the ability to modify photos within an SMM platform streamlines the user’s efforts. Forward-thinking companies such as Squarespace and Mailchimp offer photo editing in their platforms, and we know it’s this flexibility that will pass great value on to digital marketers.

We’ve added Aviary photo editing functionality to allow rich media editing capabilities within the Falcon platform – and it’s so easy to use.


Creating a beautiful visual experience with posts is now simplified, with the ability to resize, add effects, straighten, and adjust for maximum impact. The photos that you take can look neat and professional in no time at all.


Counterclockwise from top left: Effects, Focus, Sharpen, Text


Manage all of your social media channels and work across teams within the platform, collaboratively and efficiently. Provide the visual content that will present your work in a rich and compelling format.

If you’d like to see how we work with marketing teams, digital professionals, community managers, and more, please contact us for a demo of the Falcon platform and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram!

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