By Chris Sugrue

June 3rd, 2016

Plenty of marketers will recognize this scenario: with figurative cap-in-hand, and a gnawing sense of guilt, we sidle on up to our team’s designer or coder with that oh so humble request (paraphrased), “Please drop whatever you’re doing today and prioritize my task above everything else. It’s so very, very important.”

The words ring hollow even in our ears. But they’re genuine enough. Deadlines are deadlines, and real-time marketing by definition demands some of the shortest deadlines of all. Meanwhile, the creative resources to execute generally haven’t increased in tandem.

The impasse can be even greater if outsourcing to an agency. Even the most unassuming little asset could prove a spanner in the works of your carefully negotiated contract and budget. And there’s still no guarantee their designer can satisfy your sense of urgency.

But now you can Build it yourself Product Manager, Benjamin Kristoffersen, has heard the above issues countless times during his conversations with customers.

“The same real-time marketing pain points turn up again and again, no matter the company size or industry,” he says. “Aside from the frustration of not being able to react to trends or opportunities fast enough, there are the costs involved and the lack of mobile responsiveness.”

It was these discussions that sparked the new Build, a major revamp of a section of the Falcon platform formally dedicated to Facebook apps. It enables marketers without design or coding skills to build their own responsive web pages. Or, as Benjamin succinctly puts it, to create: “branded experiences done fast, affordably and beautifully”.

You can see a quick showcase of our Build Beta below. Using a pool of blocks anyone can quickly create competition, registration or promotional pages. It’s all customizable so you can upload images or videos while introducing your own brand elements such as logo or typefaces.

Designed for a mobile-first world
The kernel of the new Build actually arose out of Benjamin’s discussions around mobile-responsiveness; the fact that even with mobile devices driving half of web traffic, and 80% of the world’s internet users owning smartphones, the mobile-first approach remains elusive for many brands. That’s why a simple but crucial feature of Build is the ability to preview the pages you’ve created in desktop, tablet or phone formats.


Build it and they will come
Well, it’s not quite that miraculous. You will still need to get your campaign out there through your social networks or email. This is where Falcon Publish comes into play. Your campaign can be quickly pushed out to your audience, including as paid Facebook or Instagram ads.

And when they do bite, you’ll have more to show for it than just page impressions. Build allows you to add tracking codes to analyze with Google Analytics and Facebook pixel, which also allows remarketing. Any data collected from the forms you create can be employed wherever you’d like to use it next, which with Falcon means the Audience profiles hub.

“Once you have the data, you can define new targets groups and aim to to convert new sign-ups,” adds Benjamin, “ and the tracking allows social media managers and other digital marketers to actually demonstrate a return to their bosses, which caters to another frustration we hear about”.

Coming out of beta soon
So far the feedback from users has been highly encouraging, with our customers relishing their newfound freedom. Phillipa Clark, Social Media Coordinator at Superdry had this to say:

“Build is an incredibly user-friendly system. From creating competitions, capturing data and more, the possibilities are as big as your imagination.”

Why not request a demo to see Build in action for yourself? 

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