The Best Halloween Social Media Content Strategies.

Add some scares to your social media content strategies. Find fright and inspiration from the masters of Halloween content.

Caitlin Brennan
October 25, 2016 - 3 min. read

You spend the rest of the year giving your blood, sweat and tears to your job and social media content. Why not take the chance to share your blood, guts and screams this Halloween?

The call is coming from inside the target demographic!
The first, best argument for a Halloween campaign is just how popular it has become across a wide age range (centuries-old vampires not included). There is plenty of consumer data available to help guide your strategy. For example, women are more likely to shop for costumes in September. 


If your target audience is young and female, your social media content planning should start extra early. The most mission-critical implementation of this data comes from Spirit Halloween, a seasonal business that stands to gain significant business the earlier women start thinking about Halloween.

In order to know how your demographic behaves, you need to know more about your demographics. Monitoring social media can help you to put some gore into your algorithm this Halloween by revealing who is most responsive to your social campaigns.

User generated content: The spooky ghosts of the Internet
Like otherworldly apparitions, user-generated content shows up – sometimes in the middle of the night – and tells tales. Halloween allows people an opportunity to be creative. You can offer an opportunity to share. Universal Studios extends the in-park experience with an active solicitation of fan content.

You will notice that all of the photos in the Halloween Horror Nights album have one thing in common: proper attribution. It’s easy to do and necessary for more than one reason. Fans feel respected. Others are encouraged to contribute. Supervisors see that the social media managers understand and apply written company policies governing common social media scenarios.

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Posted by Halloween Horror Nights – Universal Orlando on Sunday, October 16, 2016

Take the high road, and not just to avoid the Headless Horseman
Halloween, like many holidays, has associated books, movies and songs. Every year, we dust off the Thriller video, cheesy 1980s slasher flicks and, of course, this old chestnut: 


They’re all fun, but the granddaddy of them all is Edgar Allen Poe, the macabre Marylander whose classic poem “The Raven” is a seasonal staple. Amazon, looking to entertain the literary set, hosted a Periscope reading.

Periscope is a new platform that many brands are still trying to master. Amazon keeps it simple by not trying to attempt too much. The only way to make it lower-budget would be to take away some of the candles. Yet it works, because Amazon used the authentic enthusiasm of their team to share with other fans to create a community atmosphere – a creepy community atmosphere.

Conclusion: Dress up – as yourself!
Halloween is popular because it offers people the opportunity to be whatever they want to be for just one night. Social media teams chasing holidays and trendy hashtags fail when they try to dress up as a cutting-edge cool kid when they are beloved for being reliable and simple. Send inauthenticity to the dusty, cobwebbed tomb where they belong and focus on simple messages that connect with people and zombies alike. But mostly people.

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