Highlights From Our Twitter Chat on Effective Storytelling.

We teamed up with our friends from Hydro Studios to discuss how social media and technology are shaping the future of storytelling.
Caitlin Brennan
July 28, 2017 - 3 min. read

Falcon recently hosted a Twitter Chat with our friends from Hydro Studios to discuss effective storytelling. The art of entertaining and pitching products has rapidly changed in the recent years as technology evolves and becomes more affordable. The linear television programming and advertising format from 20 years ago is now struggling to keep apace in a viral world. We discussed these innovations and trends in our chat.

We were joined by Ryan Bell, Director Of Digital Strategy at Hydro, Mikael Lemberg, Director of Product Innovation and Partnerships at Falcon and Caitlin Brennan, Falcon’s Digital Content Strategist (aka your dear blogger) for a fast moving, informative and fun chat. Here are the highlights.

What are the most important factors when devising an Instagram Stories content strategy?
Instagram Stories are becoming the hottest format in the social landscape. With more than 700 million active app users and 250+ million daily Story consumers, they have already won more eyeballs than Snapchat.

Brands and consumers love it and for good reason. Stories introduces an all new level of playfulness and visual storytelling on a platform with a massive and growing audience.

What advice do you have for brands or agencies hesitant to go all-in on Instagram Stories?
If brands aren’t taking advantage of the reach and popularity of Instagram Stories, they risk getting left behind. Stories can enhance brands as a creative channel, or pivot an image from a carefully curated aesthetic to a view which provides your followers a glimpse of a different side of your brand.

How will AR and VR content make us rethink storytelling on social media?
At Facebook’s F8 conference this year, the company outlined their bold long-term plans for the AR/VR space. Facebook sees AR/VR as the future of not only social media, but digital technology in general. They are making big-time investments now, even before the technology they envisage exists.

What can agencies and brands do now to prepare for the rise of AR or VR content?
It might sound daunting or too futuristic, but like with Facebook, it’s time for brands to start planning now.

Do you think Snapchat is losing relevance due to Instagram Stories’ similar functions?
Snapchat scored big bringing AR to the masses in the form of a hotdog that dances. But even with the appeal of the lovable breakdancing pal, Instagram Stories are still overtaking.

How do you see entertainment and tech becoming more intertwined on social media?
Entertainment, tech and social media are increasingly becoming interchangeable. Social media is entertaining and technology facilitates both. According to Pew Research, 77% of Americans have a smartphone. Which means the majority of American’s have the technology to deliver social media and entertainment in their pockets.

Can your brand tell more compelling stories?
There’s no doubt the way we tell stories is rapidly evolving, be it how we share events with friends or convince people to buy our products. A big thank you to everyone who participated and to our wonderful friends at Hydro Studios. If you’d like to ensure you are getting the most out of your social media efforts, Hydro is offering a free social audit to help you develop more impactful social marketing strategies by providing a comprehensive analysis. You can request an audit here.

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