Ask an Expert: Social Media Tips and Tricks - Customer Edition.

Our expert answers the most burning social media questions from our readers.
Caitlin Brennan
April 7, 2017 - 5 min. read

Our social soothsayer is back to dispense wise social media tips and tricks. Caitlin’s third column is all about customers – can’t live with ‘em, can’t have a business without ‘em. In this installment of Ask an Expert, Caitlin caters to your customer conundrums.

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Dear Caitlin,
I’m a community manager for a cosmetics company. We have a ton of followers on social media. We’ve worked hard to grow our community but I look at our reach numbers and worry most of our fans never see our content. What are the best times to post on our social channels to reach the biggest audience?

Eyeliner Without Eyeballs

Dear Eyeliner,
The overall best time to post on social media channels is….1:54 a.m. on Tuesday, Central Standard Time. Only joking, sorry! The truth is, there is no universal, magical moment when timing alone will catapult your post into the social stratosphere.

That’s not to say that sometimes are better than others.1:54 a.m. on a Tuesday is likely a poor time to post unless your product caters to insomniacs. An effective posting schedule is based on your social goals and how to best reach your fans. A proper schedule should account for a range of factors like customer segments, external events, multiple use-cases and time zones. recently introduced a feature in our Publish module that indicates the average number of fans online for the channels selected on a post. Quantity of viewers may not mean quality, but it is one crucial data point among many to use setting up your social content calendar.

If you haven’t determined your own best times to post, looking to popular posting times is a good place to start. Experts try to assign ideal times for posting, but it’s an imprecise science. For example, this chart from Social Marketing Writing advises best posting times for the major networks. Their research suggests the optimal time for a Facebook post is between 1-4PM, for Twitter, 1-3PM and for LinkedIn, 5-6PM.


Dear Caitlin,
I work on the content team for an athleisure brand. If you’re not familiar with athleisure, think athletic-inspired casual clothes perfect for both the gym or grabbing drinks with the girls. Our brand has a cult following. Hundreds of photos are tagged daily with our branded hashtags. While it’s great to have more content than green juice has micronutrients, it can be overwhelming. I need help figuring out which UGC to repost.

I’m also having a problem sorting through all the popular keywords associated with athleisure. There are just so many! Just like I don’t know which influencers to choose, I don’t know which keywords to pick! Can you give me some tips on how to identify quality content?

Yours truly,
Perplexed in Spandex

Dear Perplexed,
Who doesn’t know or have an opinion on athleisure? Just ask United Airlines! Like garden gnomes or red wine, it is possible to have too much of a good thing. You need a way to cut through the mountain (pose) of yoga selfies. First, everyone who posts pictures using your hashtag isn’t an influencer creating worthy UGC. With any popular brand, you will likely see a fair amount of spam and users with small social followings. Similarly, every keyword pertaining to athleisure isn’t going to be relevant.

It’s going to be a very arduous task to manually sift through all social posts directed at your brand. I suggest you use a social media management platform.

When it comes to identifying valuable influencers, don’t just look at who has the most followers. Take a look at those followers. Do the followers appear real? Do the followers appear to have a common interest? Do they interact with the influencer, or just follow?

Remember, influencers become influencers for a reason. They built a significant audience by having a unique perspective or voice, by creating content, by diving into a subject and resonating with a specific group of people. An influencer’s audience has something more in common than just having followed that person; they’re likely similar in certain ways, which can help make influencer marketing more effective than other tactics.

For keyword research, I recommend adding social media listening into your process. Keywords can predict the potential relevance and resonance of content, but they only tell part of the story. Social listening completes the story by revealing the intent behind the searched keywords. An ideal content strategy utilizes both keyword and social listening tools.


Dear Caitlin,
I work for a startup and we’re just starting to sign up our first customers. The team is still small so we don’t have the bandwidth to hop on the phone with every customer who has an issue. I know a lot of companies and customers turn to social media to solve customer service issues. What do you think? Is social media the way to handle customer service?

Swamped in Sheboygan

Dear Swamped,
Social media is a great way to handle customer service issues. When you have an issue with a product where do you first look to try to find an answer? I go to a company’s website, then to their social media channels. Finding a phone number would be my last resort. Honestly, I only talk on the phone to my family. It’s so much easier to send a tweet!

Answering customer questions and solving their problems on social media is the most convenient way for both consumer and brand to communicate about post-sale issues. Instead of a minimally-trained customer service rep, a company can research answers sufficiently and choose precise language from a database of common answers. Instead of waiting on hold or bouncing from department to department, customers get a notification when you are ready with your answer.

Not only is it easier for the consumer, migrating customer service to social media is also cheaper. On social, companies can leverage existing digital resources and reach many customers with one message. You can create templates to frequently asked questions with Falcon.

Thank you for your questions! Remember, if you have a social media quandary – Tweet us!

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